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hl82rkok体育app官网下载xn1ivkok体育app官网下载FnVk  [Goethe began to write an opera called Lowenstuhl, founded uponthe old tradition which forms the subject of this Ballad, but henever carried out his design.]oGqfZ  YESTERDAY brown was still thy head, as the locks of my loved one,sNIu

d4E  To Cuma.38kvQkok体育app官网下载

i286lkok体育app官网下载8n9edkok体育app官网下载XdhT  1815.-----THE SUBLIME TYPE.oUYdkjj  'Neath its veil of mist and snow.yXmF

qzbV  They tear themselves asunder at last,V4gLkok体育app官网下载

6pnulkok体育app官网下载vwi6vkok体育app官网下载1eP5Y  High o'er our heads have soar'd!H2p0Ez  I tore it open, leaving hidden nought,And read the well-known words of pure delight:ROx

3zAP1  It ne'er content can be.RhRkok体育app官网下载

nd6m5kok体育app官网下载o9jfhkok体育app官网下载H5VAa  Again I see.TdHwszJ  1774.-----VfAGU

Xmt8f  "Oh, burning flames! quick, swallow me!"There lies he in the fiery waves,HlQCpkok体育app官网下载

4na3kkok体育app官网下载m1yl6kok体育app官网下载xHHX  The shell must needs give way.'Tis thus my numbers fallIaaNKMb  On rode he through the tempest's din,nhL5

bEvz  "As maidens of the town we fly,JgDFkok体育app官网下载

1hle2kok体育app官网下载w0o5wkok体育app官网下载K1f5  1821.*-----THE WEDDING.cpdFu  Chances past a fair to ride;In the booths he forthwith buys him7VA

0lc  All proposed attending.Johnny, go and look around!Qiukok体育app官网下载

ai06vkok体育app官网下载vkv5pkok体育app官网下载hVP9  By the fast setting sun;The pensive fair maidenhSLQWEgr  Why doth my lay name thee the last?Thee, from whom it began,Thee, in whom it endeth,Thee, from whom it flows,Jupiter Pluvius!Tow'rd thee streams my song.And a Castalian springRuns as a fellow-brook,Runs to the idle ones,Mortal, happy ones,Apart from thee,Who cov'rest me around,Jupiter Pluvius!cyt

CLadW  Gently stealing,Takes she that which man can ne'ercNNkkok体育app官网下载

3z33skok体育app官网下载efk2qkok体育app官网下载yUsu  To thy mouth was I impell'd;Stamped with thousand seals by night,O1HnaW  AND have I lost thee evermore?r0V

sTAsX  Through house and garden thus in stateWe strutted early, strutted late,Repeating with all proper unction,Incessantly each holy function.The best was wanting to the game;712kok体育app官网下载

htysykok体育app官网下载rfp5akok体育app官网下载Zxrj  No single heart 'twill win for thee;Wouldst thou a maiden make thy prize,kSN8bN  Fortune's direction!iVrz

Htu  At thy bright behest;Mild our ardour suddenly,Rijtkok体育app官网下载

c5j22kok体育app官网下载4odpkkok体育app官网下载iiRw  CONCLUSION.og4KYA  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--iBdP

WK0si  'Tis thus my days are pass'd;And all keep tune with me,And move in harmony,m7akok体育app官网下载

si9mckok体育app官网下载sri3kkok体育app官网下载tM2I  Ye Muses and ye Graces!lB1Scxo  Vain I sought to put it out;4Me6

Gaj  Soft caressing words of mutual bliss.ztNzCkok体育app官网下载

za4oskok体育app官网下载t5x81kok体育app官网下载G3tl  And so beareth he his brethren,All his treasures, all his children,Wildly shouting, to the bosomOf his long-expectant sire.ncgnLZpm  Contented,And know'st not how my youthful bloodoHe

R  From frost and ice is freed;fNnTqkok体育app官网下载

ybw73kok体育app官网下载p1ishkok体育app官网下载NWtK  A mighty army marches onBy thousand millions follow'd, lo,To yon dark place makes haste to goioRjzw  As though a flaming cherub bade them move;The unwilling eye the dark road wanders o'er,Backward it looks, but closed it sees the door.8gq8

N2wDQ  Scarcely with freedom the o'erflowing breastqFIBkok体育app官网下载

sbqsokok体育app官网下载tb514kok体育app官网下载YgVC  To the ranks of the faithful I'm true:Though ofttimes 'twas dark and though ofttimes 'twas drear,In the pressure of need, and when danger was near,NdfVGyei  -----PART I.0m3U

uwlX  Pledge to me thy troth!pyYMkok体育app官网下载

gr4a5kok体育app官网下载nt0bskok体育app官网下载XyS  My hat now is yellow.oWURVJ  FAUST.vvL

ytH  Who omnipotence can claim.kXMVkok体育app官网下载

r0texkok体育app官网下载ntpwckok体育app官网下载jSL4  Warmly were striving, for both sought the great prize to obtain.Hermes the lyre demanded, the lyre was claim'd by Apollo,AGamA  HE who with life makes sport,WbW0

QV5  When 'neath the linden tree,Young folks I chance to see,vgQkok体育app官网下载

wfddxkok体育app官网下载swynokok体育app官网下载1OZt  Doth rock them at its will.4lnSMn8cQ  Ah, what makes the heart's truth known,--mYSy

3VwQ  To this wreath as flow'rs belong;For the aged, and the youthful,And the vicious, and the truthful,FWkQkok体育app官网下载

tu6oukok体育app官网下载12er4kok体育app官网下载MIMO  [Goethe began to write an opera called Lowenstuhl, founded uponthe old tradition which forms the subject of this Ballad, but henever carried out his design.]2taGTI58  Includes the glory,Includes the blissOf days like this!CE7O

Vbiy  If still with as fond and heartfelt love,KgDRkok体育app官网下载

w9ufdkok体育app官网下载htxwfkok体育app官网下载X3Ft  The Son of Man in triumph passesDown to Hell's wild and black morasses,lDOo1SH  And to raise thy rapture high,Must a thousand rosebuds fairZ27h

igC  Oh, how the bridegroom exults, when he adorns his betroth'd!Pearls if I see, of thee they remind me; each ring that is shown me4Kz0kok体育app官网下载

0jk4nkok体育app官网下载7maw0kok体育app官网下载QGp  "Let that be as it may," then answered the young man who scarcelyHeard what was said, and his mind had made up already in silence"I will go myself, and out of the mouth of the maidenLearn my own fate, for towards her I cherish the most trustful feelingsThat any man ever cherish'd towards any woman whatever.That which she says will be good and sensible,--this I am sure of.If I am never to see her again, I must once more behold her,And the ingenuous gaze of her black eyes must meet for the last time.If to my heart I may clasp her never, her bosom and shouldersI would once more see, which my arm so longs to encircle:Once more the mouth I would see, from which one kiss and a Yes willMake me happy for ever, a No for ever undo me.But now leave me alone! Wait here no longer. Return youStraight to my father and mother, in order to tell them in personThat their son was right, and that the maiden is worthy.And so leave me alone! I myself shall return by the footpathOver the hill by the pear-tree and then descend through the vineyard,Which is the shortest way back. Oh may I soon with rejoicingTake the beloved one home! But perchance all alone I must slink backBy that path to our house and tread it no more with a light heart."Thus he spoke, and then placed the reins in the hands of the pastor,Who, in a knowing way both the foaming horses restraining,Nimbly mounted the carriage, and took the seat of the driver.mbxMupaDT  ELEGIES.Roman ElegiesAlexis and DoraHermann and DorotheaDFn

YIf  With the thunder of Zeus! while by the thunderer's throneStood his daughter, the Goddess of Love; the Graces were standingxLJFkok体育app官网下载

pgklukok体育app官网下载4cm9ukok体育app官网下载odpjK  THE MAIDEN.MljgH  Great is my dismay!fUyD

9hCuK  The peasant curses it;Each nobleman is sorely vex'd,EESkok体育app官网下载

gvu01kok体育app官网下载y8kmvkok体育app官网下载BI4OO  And when a master commands, I have been train'd to obey.Now he deceitfully keeps his word, gives food for my numbers,qucq  What wondrous lint it makes!X6Ive

yUlbr  No more for the eager squireSFVokok体育app官网下载

pc4z6kok体育app官网下载ixiikkok体育app官网下载zXQ  Bliss to sustain!LkBZcI  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,jarOw

qr  Epilogue to Schiller's Song of the BellwX5kok体育app官网下载

8xqj8kok体育app官网下载bebodkok体育app官网下载RA  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.RZSYgszv  And hold him there!b5wsx

F8AYc  To an apple-woman's stallPyMckok体育app官网下载

wvygmkok体育app官网下载p4k0gkok体育app官网下载bT  ORIGINAL PREFACE.FeA7EQ2g  Numbers sweet, unsullied truth,p88G

Vs  At this they were offendedThen each one took his tools,t2Frkok体育app官网下载

5fj05kok体育app官网下载f9tohkok体育app官网下载MqK0  And when thou on the world didst cast thy gaze,33DgdKTo  Will I contend! joy, misery,N2I

yxcU  It is a silent flower.ZwjEkok体育app官网下载

3n5kwkok体育app官网下载4m050kok体育app官网下载BWVRH  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,wymbOLe  Then replied the father, and open'd his mouth with importance:--"Strangely indeed, my son, has your tongue been suddenly loosen'd,Which for years has stuck in your mouth, and moved there but rarelyI to-day must experience that which threatens each father:How the ardent will of a son a too-gentle motherWillingly favours, whilst each neighbour is ready to back him,Only provided it be at the cost of a father or husband!But what use would it be to resist so many together?For I see that defiance and tears will otherwise greet me.Go and prove her, and in God's name then hasten to bring herHome as my daughter; if not, he must think no more of the maiden."eRVGt


4sltykok体育app官网下载x9t8zkok体育app官网下载9hz5  1774.-----THE WANDERER'S STORM-SONG.IPaR1Gv  Remember well how long thou hast delay'd,mKpl4

L8q  Hell sees the victor come at last,She feels that now her reign is past,wP7jNkok体育app官网下载

0459vkok体育app官网下载0fuktkok体育app官网下载FW  Sweetly conceald in the womb, where is made perfect the fruit.Here doth Nature close the ring of her forces eternal;VAELBqGS2  Here's His health, through Whom we live!qOm4Z

EdLs  Exchanges kiss for kiss,All through my marrow runs a thrill,yCVJkok体育app官网下载

1e6xokok体育app官网下载tr1knkok体育app官网下载b3  PAGE.Where goest thou? Where?With the rake in thy hand?s1eWqnW8P  Upward mount then! clearer, milder,zMI8t

Hsw  And so beareth he his brethren,All his treasures, all his children,Wildly shouting, to the bosomOf his long-expectant sire.UQkok体育app官网下载

re53ykok体育app官网下载urxdqkok体育app官网下载UMp  And small arms rattle clear,And trumpet, trot, and drum resound,Y6HdXGT  The very devil seem'd in ittlS

c9  Sent by kindly Deities;HSkok体育app官网下载

m4kh3kok体育app官网下载588qikok体育app官网下载1MjVg  Who but the poet!-----VII. TIMUR NAME.2U8XekIe  Heav'n knows who's the happy swainYxk9

s7Cy  My senses ofttimes are oppress'd,oNJhkok体育app官网下载

shmp5kok体育app官网下载18msjkok体育app官网下载kUqi  (* In the original, Schwager, which has the twofold meaning ofbrother-in-law and postilion.)bcALaWE0  PAGE.I'll follow thee soon;When the sun burns at noonWe'll go there, o'urselves from his rays to hide,And then in some glade all-verdant and deep--aFy

xTi  His castle still rear'd its proud head,But servants and wealth had all fled.J9Rkok体育app官网下载

zanu4kok体育app官网下载bflzikok体育app官网下载zHftX  THE spirit-region's noble limbvCmVmA1R  With thy misty ray,And my spirit's heavy chaina17F

xaIU  As gently as a bear well may;Softly I rise, and with a clever ruse4gNhkok体育app官网下载

1bccjkok体育app官网下载67h5okok体育app官网下载Ypd  The present minute? I could scarcely tell;Full many a rich possession offers it,nR11MQB  Hang not the heavens their arch overhead?Lies not the earth beneath us, firm?Gleam not with kindly glancesEternal stars on high?Looks not mine eye deep into thine?And do not all thingsCrowd on thy head and heart,And round thee twine, in mystery eterne,Invisible, yet visible?Fill, then, thy heart, however vast, with this,And when the feeling perfecteth thy bliss,O, call it what thou wilt,Call it joy! heart! love! God!No name for it I know!'Tis feeling all--nought else;Name is but sound and smoke,Obscuring heaven's bright glow.6Gg

6X  Listen'd and sang merrily,Down descended the decoy,hxkok体育app官网下载

qnv32kok体育app官网下载ru13dkok体育app官网下载KA8m  A hasty glance with boldness round to throw;At first mine eyes had scarcely strength to see,x1fLSv  In my heartFloats not with the stream away.WVc

Vj  Gladly he spake to me thus: "Be thou my witness, thou stone!Yet thou must not be vainglorious, thou hast many companions;Dmtykok体育app官网下载

ateoekok体育app官网下载8qjjfkok体育app官网下载dg  SILENCE deep rules o'er the waters,ILbQY2  "Ye might have lived with Me in bliss,For I of yore had promis'd this;1yVh

0RsOa  1767-9.-----WELCOME AND FAREWELL.16ngLkok体育app官网下载

rbgudkok体育app官网下载qqbxlkok体育app官网下载9kRl  The purest rapture we then knew,The joy those happy hours gave too,P97c4ybM  Silence fearful as the grave!In the mighty waste of oceanrLy

vosAh  Fit the ravish'd ear to greet,Eloquently, softly speaking.b94ikok体育app官网下载

pezb7kok体育app官网下载rssilkok体育app官网下载1hoto  IF to her eyes' bright lustre I were blind,aPhAkiMz  Comrades, quick! your aid afford!All the brood of hell's abroad;See how their enchanted forms9LU1

nsD4Q  Having said thus much by way of explanation, I now leave thebook to speak for itself, and to testify to its own character.Whether viewed with a charitable eye by the kindly reader, whowill make due allowance for the difficulties attending itsexecution, or received by the critic, who will judge of it onlyby its own merits, with the unfriendly welcome which it veryprobably deserves, I trust that I shall at least be pardoned formaking an attempt, a failure in which does not necessarily implydisgrace, and which, by leading the way, may perhaps become themeans of inducing some abler and more worthy (but not moreearnest) labourer to enter upon the same field, the riches ofwhich will remain unaltered and undiminished in value, evenalthough they may be for the moment tarnished by the hands of theless skilful workman who first endeavours to transplant them to aforeign soil.HKRurkok体育app官网下载

vi4zxkok体育app官网下载9ydi7kok体育app官网下载aJvpf  Or ne'er thought aright,Roams the bosom's labyrinth through,pVM0VqU  Another to supply,The wood as trestles using,uTN

Wxk9N  Resembles life, And watch them revealingauBSkok体育app官网下载

i08pkkok体育app官网下载c51dtkok体育app官网下载PS1ol  In my heart,Ah, I then had long been dead!-----THE MOUNTAIN CASTLE.4yoMoh  Tho' man may seem to wear a chain.Let one alone inflame thee e'er,4aED

NbYq  Then exchange they tokens of their truth;OY83Qkok体育app官网下载

dtx2ukok体育app官网下载vkddtkok体育app官网下载qw7  From the town no goods I bring.Cool is now the evening;Show to me the fountain'Whence thou drinkest,Woman young and kind!Ulw71bE  No one talks more than a Poet;Fain he'd have the people know it.56Q

LxMv  Think in knightly fashion.If the beauteous maid but seeFtxkok体育app官网下载

oz2jpkok体育app官网下载pidsrkok体育app官网下载nAas  The silence so desolate brake,And all, as in days long vanish'd,jU1qYr0  OVER the meadows, and down the stream,3S3D1

w3Rt  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dkbekok体育app官网下载

b1hagkok体育app官网下载rccjgkok体育app官网下载mH  While closer still the folds to draw I tried,VM9wNu7BI  That by magic power was lent.Friendly words and greetings calmOn his wounds will pour soft balm.OhDuI

fEoN8  Princess Fish to free;She was much too complaisant,Xs1kok体育app官网下载

vmzjfkok体育app官网下载k5pn9kok体育app官网下载uKfZ4  (This fine poem is given by Goethe amongst a small collection ofwhat he calls Loge (Lodge), meaning thereby Masonic pieces.)GUutDBo  CLARA sings.xgQb1

BgiNT  From chamber and home?How round the cliffs gatherEzQWWkok体育app官网下载

82y1bkok体育app官网下载egkizkok体育app官网下载Gx  Upon her breast would die.ngoz6l0  By fancies ne'er alloy'd.v54o6

RN9aE  Seldom does it name ye.Many a thing have ye intended,Eh1kok体育app官网下载

1jq8jkok体育app官网下载xqmzzkok体育app官网下载dFUJg  Thy name, pray?--oW5XEji  But she conceal'd the pain which she felt, and jestingly spoke thus"It betokens misfortune,--so scrupulous people inform us,--For the foot to give way on entering a house, near the threshold.I should have wish'd, in truth, for a sign of some happier omen!Let us tarry a little, for fear your parents should blame youFor their limping servant, and you should be thought a bad landlord."-----IX. URANIA.iA9

k4H4  Wine's genial glow, the festal banquet gay,oqkok体育app官网下载

slchvkok体育app官网下载hrqx4kok体育app官网下载Mwxi  And without delayZf91rr  Lie and lament throughout all time!And also ye, whom I selected,wGlV

zrSY  Through and through with flames are glowing!Dragon-women, men-wolf swarms,Ukpjkok体育app官网下载

pvwemkok体育app官网下载yjt9rkok体育app官网下载QVqG  See, once more he hastens back!REGW29  Could I find, or here, or there, delight?Ejl0q

h6F  Mount with cooling gush;Then their glow consumeth me,5MH7kok体育app官网下载

i11y0kok体育app官网下载blgnbkok体育app官网下载BfP  Till thou to action art roused, waked by the swift-rolling flood.Kindly be to the people, as when thou still wert a mortal,qXXTNlH  1815.-----X. MATHAL NAME.pXNxy

iAY  The PariahPjFMkok体育app官网下载

65m8dkok体育app官网下载8guo3kok体育app官网下载cYe  From a desert, rocky spot;For the fray they couch their lances,ucRKVIS0c  For the cheating silence misled me;Ah, sweetest! let me to thee repair,--DCa4Z

y8m  Here stand I, modestly half hid,2Qkkok体育app官网下载

p4oc9kok体育app官网下载11il1kok体育app官网下载SjA  BOOK OF CONTEMPLATION.VrmNc8U  1810.-----NEITHER THIS NOR THAT.B8Bf


0tsrikok体育app官网下载isup5kok体育app官网下载iPoT  And sit beside my door;When one of them is seen,uzO99FBJ  And ne'er again was seen.Sl4

nO  But howl! for Me I won them all.For them alone did I descend,fFwcOkok体育app官网下载

vl18kkok体育app官网下载46qplkok体育app官网下载kw  As thou once didst swear, I'm cherish'd,Then nought of the rapture we used to proveh6JViwGiW  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,0O1Q

zBT4  Conceal thy delight!MYmbkok体育app官网下载

j5fy8kok体育app官网下载eqzn1kok体育app官网下载e5o  But thou, Brama, thou shouldst prize us,All are equal in thy ken.5qr9SbF  A tow'ring giant in his size,Where darkness through the thicket broke,OjHG

akvd  Alas! his warm bed he bath left,Lzcb8kok体育app官网下载

qdl9vkok体育app官网下载theexkok体育app官网下载dggm  As a boy, reserved and naughty;As a youth, a coxcomb and haughty;As a man, for action inclined;As a greybeard, fickle in mind.--Upon thy grave will people read:This was a very man, indeed!KFBWWPqr  When obedience fills the mind,ryz

yBU  And yet, alas! can reach her ne'er.t9kok体育app官网下载

9081ykok体育app官网下载jwv0bkok体育app官网下载SDYM  Yonder roses, from the holyHands of penitents so lowly,Help'd to render us victorious,And to do the deed all-glorious;For they gain'd us this soul-treasure.OJ3F4wVe  From ev'ry bough,And thousand voicesn

nefH  If thou wouldst preserve thy credit,ZktQkok体育app官网下载

697cykok体育app官网下载5hevukok体育app官网下载9oln  Wake the mournful ghosts of men,I, too, wake, and each night-bird.xZWR3zLA  Of that time so fondly cherish'd!Silently my wounds I feed,And with wailing evermoreYLJA

Z5G  Have ye e'er known envy at the sight?And not felt your gaze become more bright,When the sun was, on the wings of morning,Darnawend's unnumber'd peaks adorning,v5akok体育app官网下载

6byhakok体育app官网下载j1in5kok体育app官网下载Red1m  And her my sole mistress I call.qmmOg53  Smilingly answered the pastor:--"Death's stirring image is neitherUnto the wise a cause of alarm,--or an end to the pious.Back into life it urges the former, and teaches him action,And, for the weal of the latter, it strengthens his hope in affliction.Death is a giver of life unto both. Your father did wronglyWhen to the sensitive boy he pointed out death in its own form.Unto the youth should be shown the worth of a noble and ripen'dAge, and unto the old man, youth, that both may rejoice inThe eternal circle, and life may in life be made perfect!"3sr

SGr7n  Our bliss is ne'er destroy'd;More freely throbs our breast,YTFYykok体育app官网下载

5nw4fkok体育app官网下载ke164kok体育app官网下载Q  Behrisch, let spring's sweet smileNever gladden thy brow!Then winter's gloomy tempestsNever will shadow it o'er.CgMaJ5PLZ  Thy red, in dress of green array'd,ww3C

I7vZ  1776.*------THE COY ONE.XfrWkok体育app官网下载

223z5kok体育app官网下载svcxgkok体育app官网下载MQv  1800.*-----THE NEW AMADIS.lnwXNd  Is this the vale?Nzue

fCje  Is each day review'd and blamed,Who, when others fools are still,cMVkok体育app官网下载

wthl1kok体育app官网下载iutr8kok体育app官网下载ZHM  But all of them say:gXEodzR2  THE YOUNG GENTLEMAN.VJhg

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pnlbhkok体育app官网下载qmliikok体育app官网下载Ao0ue  Syllables teeming with thought, by a fond pair are exchang'd.Then becomes whispering, talk,--and stamm'ring, a language enchanting;70csCnbwn  At this he's angry too:"You impudent old fellow!Wrz

dkqB  The town girl now threatenspyRRAkok体育app官网下载

fab90kok体育app官网下载6sl8fkok体育app官网下载b5M1M  SWEET smiles the May!RZqTrPlR5  Even at setting, the sun is still the same glorious planet.-----uH9

KH2V  But the owner surely is not wantingwtqkok体育app官网下载

rvzz6kok体育app官网下载q8qapkok体育app官网下载UrfK  Into court I dragg'd the knave;Fair the judges were between us,Rl8TbG4S  Five ThingsFor WomanFirdusiSuleikaorqaZ

MK7B  Hang not the heavens their arch overhead?Lies not the earth beneath us, firm?Gleam not with kindly glancesEternal stars on high?Looks not mine eye deep into thine?And do not all thingsCrowd on thy head and heart,And round thee twine, in mystery eterne,Invisible, yet visible?Fill, then, thy heart, however vast, with this,And when the feeling perfecteth thy bliss,O, call it what thou wilt,Call it joy! heart! love! God!No name for it I know!'Tis feeling all--nought else;Name is but sound and smoke,Obscuring heaven's bright glow.FTckok体育app官网下载

pp21qkok体育app官网下载ai3mqkok体育app官网下载MX2SI  THE TYPES.j0VYFWFm  We knew that a sonorous ringOTjU

Wjo  THE PINK.IUbXkok体育app官网下载

bsrcrkok体育app官网下载h99t7kok体育app官网下载ANUdJ  This boarded scaffold doth he not despise;The fate that on its axis turns the earthfU5eDJ  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublimeNut

BzIa  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,S3Uw4kok体育app官网下载

fas40kok体育app官网下载oky5kkok体育app官网下载RWvMa  I a landlord's business bought.There I've done, with all due ardour,i67hCIB  Yet will a deeper one, friend, cover thy bones at the last.Joyously plough'd and sow'd! Here food all living is budding,y9VfS

yE1  Dreads the wild advancing hand,For the flames that round them dartEQCdkok体育app官网下载

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59nx  Leap on her knee.--On a propitious dayShe suffers it; my ears then tickles she,CPe5kok体育app官网下载

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9bJ  -----LEOPOLD, DUKE OF BRUNSWICK.WDCbkok体育app官网下载

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t3lT4  Phoebus' self, too, needs must love thee;They their silver voices gave thee,Age can never steal upon thee.Wise and gentle friend of poets,Born a creature fleshless, bloodless,Though Earth's daughter, free from suff'ring,To the gods e'en almost equal.RPlRkok体育app官网下载

5tfvrkok体育app官网下载i2pt3kok体育app官网下载ayL  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into Hellme04raNc  Sweet is thy repose!How, with heaven-born health imbued,Peacefully he slumbers!Oh thou, born among the ruinsSpread by great antiquity,On thee rest her spirit!He whom it encirclesWill, in godlike consciousness,Ev'ry day enjoy.Full, of germ, unfold,As the smiling springtime'sFairest charm,Outshining all thy fellows!And when the blossom's husk is faded,May the full fruit shoot forthFrom out thy breast,And ripen in the sunshine!qaT

juzqq  Oh maiden, maiden,Qlkbkok体育app官网下载

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nMo  "Excellent man," replied the pastor, with emphasis speaking"If you're mistaken in man, 'tis not for me to reprove you.Evil enough have you suffer'd indeed from his cruel proceedings!Would you but look back, however, on days so laden with sorrow,You would yourself confess how much that is good you have witness'd,Much that is excellent, which remains conceald in the bossomTill by danger 'tis stirr'd, and till necessity makes manShow himself as an angel, a tutelar God unto others."wNlikok体育app官网下载

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yKho  When obedience fills the mind,t8kok体育app官网下载



oj0j2kok体育app官网下载jjuhmkok体育app官网下载dJYlX  And brother's love so fair.Thus heart and heart through life2HSpLZ3  IF I, dearest Lily, did not love thee,Y2LPa

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1.Rzw22  "She's worthy of all love!" I cried,And pray'd that Heaven with purest bliss might greet thee,iDEkok体育app官网下载

2.45Tp  Coming o'er the distant plain,sUdD

3.lgmbqkok体育app官网下载ekzzskok体育app官网下载jscB  [Written on the occasion of the death, by drowning, of thePrince.]dUSPLpr  On Sundays from the steeple.IvUyc

4.cmxurkok体育app官网下载z0nptkok体育app官网下载oM6GK  Thou must learn this secret sad to know;JZTEc78MM  "When that infant vow of love was spoken,nQZZ


4gez8kok体育app官网下载hbetckok体育app官网下载SPDni  His heavenly path with pride doth tread,And, to subdue the world's wide all,RVLu3dYK  His dreaded glories shining forth;She sees Him clad in rolling thunder,She sees the rocks all quake with wonder,UIJN2


1pxr  'Mongst so many, dull and blind,f8lf7kok体育app官网下载


WX9  Through my mother's sick-bed phantasy.4lYkok体育app官网下载


wC  THERE'S no menagerie, I vow,jP1kok体育app官网下载


ALNc  The swarthy woman then went inside,hSAoYkok体育app官网下载


WB  Then the father straightway replied, with eagerness speaking:--"Sensible is your opinion, and true is also the storyWhich you have told us, good mother, for so did ev'rything happen.But what is better is better. 'Tis not the fortune of all menAll their life and existence to find decided beforehand;All are not doom'd to such troubles as we and others have suffer'd.O, how happy is he whose careful father and motherHave a house ready to give him, which he can successfully manage!All beginnings are hard, and most so the landlords profession.Numberless things a man must have, and ev'rything dailyDearer becomes, so he needs to scrape together more money.So I am hoping that you, dear Hermann, will shortly be bringingHome to us a bride possessing an excellent dowry,For a worthy husband deserves a girl who is wealthy,And 'tis a capital thing for the wish'd-for wife to bring with herPlenty of suitable articles stow'd in her baskets and boxes.Not in vain for years does the mother prepare for her daughterStocks of all kinds of linen, both finest and strongest in texture;Not in vain do god-parents give them presents of silver,Or the father lay by in his desk a few pieces of money.For she hereafter will gladden, with all her goods and possessions,That happy youth who is destined from out of all others to choose her.Yes! I know how pleasant it makes a house for a young wife,When she finds her own property placed in the rooms and the kitchen,And when she herself has cover'd the bed and the table.Only well-to-do brides should be seen in a house, I consider,For a poor one is sure at last to be scorn'd by her husband,And he'll deem her a jade who as jade first appear'd with her bundle.Men are always unjust, but moments of love are but transient.Yes, my Hermann, you greatly would cheer the old age of your fatherIf you soon would bring home a daughter-in-law to console me,Out of the neighbourhood too,--yes, out of yon dwelling, the green one!Rich is the man, in truth his trade and his manufacturesMake him daily richer, for when does a merchant not prosper?He has only three daughters; the whole of his wealth they'll inherit.True the eldest's already engaged; but then there's the second,And the third, who still (not for long) may be had for the asking.Had I been in your place, I should not till this time have waited;Bring home one of the girls, as I brought your mother before you.lsslkok体育app官网下载

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