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eo1mokok体育手机版appdd9yukok体育手机版apptl  Will of all men be preferr'd;Who ne'er seems as if he knewxiDHNPv  After laws mighty,Brazen, eternal,Must all we mortalsFinish the circuitOf our existence.xHZ

4rG  The bard in each village is cheer'd.Thus lives he and wanders, while years onward glide,qiSkok体育手机版app

qhvzjkok体育手机版app33lsykok体育手机版appoH1P  BOOK OF THE PARSEES.0mpXPFv7  By folks who loved to gaze upon her;At this he was most sorely vex'd.55VoD

Ublk  And dances' soft measure,With rapture commingledAnd sweet choral song.Nxylskok体育手机版app

vciekkok体育手机版applzaxwkok体育手机版app14M  With grandson and with son!wd9v3w5  Servants of my dreaded foe!UZtPo


g2a7ekok体育手机版apppahozkok体育手机版app5eI  OF THE BANISHED AND RETURNING COUNT.v02yahG3n  If thou a recollection fond canst win,ynAr

7fE  I view'd the countless skulls, so strangely mated,And of old times I thought, that now were grey.anAkkok体育手机版app

256ovkok体育手机版appghps0kok体育手机版appEO8S  At this he's angry too:"You impudent old fellow!utKRuNB  And so beareth he his brethren,All his treasures, all his children,Wildly shouting, to the bosomOf his long-expectant sire.LidG

U4a  Careless for all the realms of bliss,--Waykok体育手机版app

dd2mhkok体育手机版appcx7dlkok体育手机版app6qi  And see that all is still,h2X0OHd3  They spilt all the drink in the chalice;And straightway the boy had his waistcoat stain'duDaw

xUMU  While on this sight our master gazed,His head was growing well-nigh crazed:What words for all could he e'er find,Could such a medley be combined?Could he continue with delightFor evermore to sing and write?When lo, from out a cloud's dark bedIn at the upper window spedThe Muse, in all her majesty,As fair as our loved maids we see.With clearness she around him threwHer truth, that ever stronger grew.aAVzkok体育手机版app

tjdugkok体育手机版apph9hpokok体育手机版appqR21Z  Honour and pleasure he finds, when to his garden he looks.-----AH, my maiden is going! she mounts the vessel! My monarch,O62LSAED  But he roused himself up from his startling dream, and then slowlyTurn'd tow'rd the village his steps, and once more started,--for once moreSaw he the noble maiden's stately figure approaching.Fixedly gazed he; it was no phantom in truth; she herself 'twasIn her hands by the handle she carried two pitchers,--one larger,One of a smaller size, and nimbly walk'd to the fountain.And he joyfully went to meet her; the sight of her gave himCourage and strength, and so he address'd the surprised one as follows:--"Do I find you again, brave maiden, engaged in assistingOthers so soon, and in giving refreshment to those who may need it?Tell me why you have come all alone to the spring so far distant,Whilst the rest are content with the water that's found in the village?This one, indeed, special virtue possesses, and pleasant to drink is.Is't for the sake of that sick one you come, whom you saved with such courage?"Y4MZ

MmTN  To quench love's thirst I'd try;And could my torments not be quell'd,Ogkok体育手机版app

6ij3wkok体育手机版app494jrkok体育手机版appDeXf3  Many a hope and many a smart.Charlotte, who can know our mind?XUYzJRa  Thus propose to the throng, skillfully hidden in words.Each one enjoys the strange commingling of images graceful,CHDj

CWJC  Original DedicationOriginal PrefacePreface to the Second EditionList of the principal Works of GoetheAuthor's DedicationA2tfokok体育手机版app

unvmzkok体育手机版app3pn0skok体育手机版app0Gy  Be there to us confess'd!JvFIICJT  I shot, one day, a cat in a ditch--The dear black cat of Anna the witch;Upon me, at night, seven were-wolves came down,Seven women they were, from out of the town.1Re

EAnr  "We've long been accustom'd to hold here our feast,q7Qkok体育手机版app

yj124kok体育手机版app8a3fqkok体育手机版appSXAv  Go, ask the wisest who on earth e'er trod,--Their answer will appear to beGiven alone in mockery.yUEh  For to the town we're driven,(Well cover'd by the victor's force,)39ax

Lwd  Many a mill's revolving,And the world's prosperityAOikok体育手机版app

icyr5kok体育手机版applm4fwkok体育手机版appJmgwy  Parts us not a second time.1HtjZxI  Trusting in thy spells absurd;Dig no longer fruitlessly.LvM

a5Xw  To be like a fish,Brisk and quick, is my wish;If thou cam'st with thy line.Thou wouldst soon make me thine.To be like a fish,Brisk and quick, is my wish.bXPrkok体育手机版app

l097dkok体育手机版appz0sdqkok体育手机版app1B4Y  Thus as a chrysalisNSFb7Q  In exulting chorus scream.Nightingale and turtle doveGpD

yDewa  MIGHTY Brama, now I'll bless thee!MxYqkok体育手机版app

b203ukok体育手机版appu1vo7kok体育手机版appqPFd  While thy mother so dear solemnly went by thy side.Eager and nimble thou wert, in bearing thy fruit to the market,NVGXgPX  Kindly welcomed me,--And I was gallant.uN75

pVl  "Is it yon door? Were it my door only!"In my bed I lean'd upon my elbow,Looking tow'rd the door, now half-apparent,If perchance it might not be in motion.Both the wings upon the latch continued,On the quiet hinges calmly hanging.lkkok体育手机版app

bw90ekok体育手机版app4bqzhkok体育手机版appTxNf  In addition to those portions of Goethe's poetical works whichare given in this complete form, specimens of the different otherclasses of them, such as the Epigrams, Elegies, &c., are added,as well as a collection of the various Songs found in his Plays,making a total number of about 400 Poems, embraced in the presentvolume.QCBMusnw  Honour is his merit,'Gainst each in-- and outward foepmTj

EfM  I sing of a maid's repentant fears,xY8djkok体育手机版app

cb7c8kok体育手机版appa1yt5kok体育手机版appOX3FK  Ne'er can cloud, however light,Float in ether's regions bright,9095qOF  In my secret chamber refuge taking,9hqa

x42t  And not bestowed one thought upon her."BmMkok体育手机版app

eux4nkok体育手机版appipf33kok体育手机版app1fR  IN ev'ry hour of joy7yYB7kf  All that duty order'd me;Each one ask'd me for the larder,Lg

VFP  Then his good mother broke in, in her turn, with vivacity speaking"Son, you are certainly right. We parents set the example.'Twas not in time of pleasure that we made choice of each other,And 'twas the saddest of hours, that knitted us closely together.Monday morning,--how well I remember! the very day afterThat most terrible fire occurr'd which burnt down the borough,Twenty years ago now; the day, like to-day, was a Sunday,Hot and dry was the weather, and little available water.All the inhabitants, clothed in their festival garments, were walking,Scatter'd about in the inns and the mills of the neighbouring hamlets.At one end of the town the fire broke out, and the flames ranHastily all through the streets, impell'd by the draught they created.And the barns were consumed, where all the rich harvest was gather'dAnd all the streets as far as the market; the dwelling house alsoOf my father hard by was destroy'd, as likewise was this one.Little indeed could we save; I sat the sorrowful night throughOn the green of the town, protecting the beds and the boxes.Finally sleep overtook me, and when by the cool breeze of morningWhich dies away when the sun arises I was awaken'd,Saw I the smoke and the glow, and the half-consumed walls and the chimneys.Then my heart was sorely afflicted; but soon in his gloryRose the sun more brilliant than ever, my spirits reviving.Then in haste I arose, impell'd the site to revisitWhere our dwelling had stood, to see if the chickens were livingWhich I especially loved; for childlike I still was by nature.But when over the ruins of courtyard and house I was climbing,Which still smoked, and saw my dwelling destroy'd and deserted,You came up on the other side, the ruins exploring.You had a horse shut up in his stall; the still-glowing raftersOver it lay, and rubbish, and nought could be seen of the creature.Over against each other we stood, in doubt and in sorrow,For the wall had fallen which used to sever our courtyards;And you grasp'd my hand, addressing me softly as follows'Lizzy, what here are you doing? Away! Your soles you are burning,For the rubbish is hot, and is scorching my boots which are thicker.'Then you lifted me up, and carried me off through your courtyard.There still stood the gateway before the house, with its arch'd roof,Just as it now is standing, the only thing left remaining.And you sat me down and kiss'd me, and I tried to stop you,But you presently said, with kindly words full of meaning'See, my house is destroy'd! Stop here and help me to build it,I in return will help to rebuild the house of your father.'I understood you not, till you sent to my father your mother,And ere long our marriage fulfilid the troth we soon plighted.Still to this day I remember with pleasure the half-consumed rafters,Still do I see the sun in all his majesty rising,For on that day I gain'd my husband; the son of my youth tooGained I during that earliest time of the wild desolation.Therefore commend I you, Hermann, for having with confidence guilelessTurn'd towards marriage your thoughts in such a period of mourning,And for daring to woo in war and over the ruins.--"st7kok体育手机版app

c5qcvkok体育手机版appu6wbvkok体育手机版app6Z8tR  1795.-----PRESENCE.xRwIPXhA  It cheers me, like the stars eterne that gleamAcross the northern-lights' far-flick'ring beam.QTs1a

GW  All-silent alleysThe fairest maidentUZY6kok体育手机版app

3ex1gkok体育手机版appv28jlkok体育手机版app646i  [This beautiful poem was first published in Schiller's Horen.]0FKm8HIdL1824wTJBv

Kvna  Wake the mournful ghosts of men,I, too, wake, and each night-bird.XVWkok体育手机版app

3n6qikok体育手机版appkzxpskok体育手机版app3bW7  That's the plan, I see now.In the town at once 'tis known,MxckokOX  And now the small one see!A modest look has he,And yet he's such apotherAs his big roguish brother.'Tis chiefly when all's stillHe loves to show his will.The bird so small and bold,--He's brought here to be sold.EthU

2nH2  Slumber calmly thou!FWpkok体育手机版app

rsn7ukok体育手机版app9srvtkok体育手机版app4Ek6  Thou sayest, to grow old my fate will be.Nought in God's presence changeth e'er,--FvbHQVaaS  Over the old one,Eorl

Ev2  [Written on the occasion of Goethe's starting with his friendPassavant on a Swiss Tour.]KIkHYkok体育手机版app

dpx0hkok体育手机版app4l92vkok体育手机版appoTH  1771.-----NEW LOVE, NEW LIFE.uBfvvV4W5  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,mkm2z

u9hd  OH, enter old minstrel, thou time-honour'd one!We children are here in the hall all alone,6Dkok体育手机版app

kv9hckok体育手机版apphr257kok体育手机版appzx  A sword, which, more than rocks and wallsjYjulACh  But by God-sent changing winds ere long he's drivenSideways from the course he had intended,And he feigns as though he would surrender,While he gently striveth to outwit them,jMor

BCNFt  Beside the queen that minute;Near her mouth broke the cup,--and she got so wet!RoJEOkok体育手机版app

lnqylkok体育手机版appay3sjkok体育手机版appUtS  Already envyFrom out his rocky ambushUpon thee turnsThe force of his lynx-like eyes,ECZK2B  THE DAM DISSOLVES, THE ICE-PLAIN GROWLS,THE FLOODS DASH ON, THE WATER HOWLS.OgM

GF370  I placed my trust in rank and fame,Bkok体育手机版app

nvzblkok体育手机版app66x5ykok体育手机版app43B  That on young birds was feeding.poiPdiC  And they spoke thus with impatience twofold:"Gladly pray we for thy rapid passage,Gladly for thy happy voyage; fortuneIn the distant world is waiting for thee,In our arms thoult find thy prize, and love too,When returning."G4Z7

LPs  With twelve solemn strokes to tell!iSDkok体育手机版app

igkhokok体育手机版appnp5flkok体育手机版appfkE7  Gods, though, hearken ne'er,Tpbkc4o  Each other earthly thing,So he that cannot bear its smell,VVVj

HYZg  1815.*-----TO THE CHOSEN ONE.[This sweet song is doubtless one of those addressed toFrederica.]2vXkok体育手机版app

3qyjfkok体育手机版app9k332kok体育手机版appL1JWi  "That is not for me;tPuvd3fE  And sadnessAnd pensiveness blendingHpDQ

JAWIA  "Thus she spake, and wearily raised herself the pale patientUp from the straw and gazed upon me, while thus I made answer'Oft doth a heavenly spirit whisper to kind-hearted people,So that they feel the distress o'er their poorer brethren impending;For my mother, your troubles foreboding, gave me a bundleReady prepared for relieving the wants of those who were naked.'Then I loosen'd the knots of the cord, and the dressing-gown gave herWhich belong'd to my father, and gave her some shirts and some linen,And she thank'd me with joy and said:--'The fortunate know notHow 'tis that miracles happen; we only discover in sorrowGod's protecting finger and hand, extended to beckonGood men to good. May your kindness to us by Him be requited.'And I saw the poor patient joyfully handling the linen,Valuing most of all the soft flannel, the dressing-gown lining.Then the maid thus address'd her:--'Now let us haste to the villageWhere our friends are resting, to-night intending to sleep thereThere I will straightway attend to what e'er for the infant is needed.'Then she saluted me too, her thanks most heartily giving,Drove the oxen, the waggon went on. I lingerd behind them,Holding my horses rein'd back, divided between two opinions,Whether to hasten ahead, reach the village, the viands distribute'Mongst the rest of the people, or give them forthwith to the maiden,So that she might herself divide them amongst them with prudenceSoon I made up my mind, and follow'd after her softly,Overtook her without delay, and said to her quickly'Maiden, it was not linen alone that my mother providedAnd in the carriage placed, as clothing to give to the naked,But she added meat, and many an excellent drink too;And I have got quite a stock stow'd away in the boot of the carriage.Well, I have taken a fancy the rest of the gifts to depositIn your hands, and thus fulfil to the best my commission;You will divide them with prudence, whilst I my fate am obeying.'Then the maiden replied:--'With faithfulness I will distributeAll your gifts, and the needy shall surely rejoice at your bounty.'Thus she spake, and I hastily open'd the boot of the carriage,Took out the hams (full heavy they were) and took out the bread-stuffs,Flasks of wine and beer, and handed the whole of them over.Gladly would I have given her more, but empty the boot was.Straightway she pack'd them away at the feet of the patient, and forthwithStarted again, whilst I hasten'd back to the town with my horses."dso6kok体育手机版app

dhn2jkok体育手机版appzzfnukok体育手机版appqeTZa  MATER GLORIOSA.cPxDSkY  Patient be a short time to it,FE8

PnmLV  Merlin the old, from his glittering grave,When I, a stripling, once spoke to him,--gaveOjggkok体育手机版app

4w1e4kok体育手机版appfrjbxkok体育手机版appBtk  When the question I would ask:'Twas in such a beauteous season,l8BaVsTjzS  A WATCHER.nAq

mjPzU  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:mTskok体育手机版app

v4djekok体育手机版appijocdkok体育手机版appQ8bh  1775.-----TO CHARLOTTE.R6BhH  When embodied there I meetZyA

dSm  Spring-flow'rs are to me more rapture-giving,9H0zkok体育手机版app

gflu8kok体育手机版appukx0ykok体育手机版appsmr  THUS the men discoursed together; and meanwhile the motherWent in search of her son,--at first in front of the dwellingOn the bench of stone, for he was accustom'd to sit there.When she found him not there, she went to look in the stable,Thinking perchance he was feeding his splendid horses, the stallionsWhich he had bought when foals, and which he entrusted to no one.But the servant inform'd her that he had gone to the garden.Then she nimbly strode across the long double courtyard,Left the stables behind, and the barns all made of good timber,Enter'd the garden which stretch'd far away to the walls of the borough,Walk'd across it, rejoicing to see how all things were growing,Carefully straighten'd the props, on which the apple-tree's branches,Heavily loaded, reposed, and the weighty boughs of the pear-tree,Took a few caterpillars from off the strong-sprouting cabbage;For a bustling woman is never idle one moment.In this manner she came to the end of the long-reaching garden,Where was the arbour all cover'd with woodbine: she found not her son there,Nor was he to be seen in any part of the garden.But she found on the latch the door which out of the arbourThrough the wall of the town had been made by special permissionDuring their ancestor's time, the worthy old burgomaster.So she easily stepp'd across the dry ditch at the spot whereOn the highway abutted their well-inclosed excellent vineyard.Rising steeply upwards, its face tow'rd the sun turn'd directly.Up the hill she proceeded, rejoicing, as farther she mounted,At the size of the grapes, which scarcely were hid by the foliage.Shady and well-cover'd in, the middle walk at the top was,Which was ascended by steps of rough flat pieces constructed.And within it were hanging fine chasselas and muscatels also,And a reddish-blue grape, of quite an exceptional bigness,All with carefulness planted, to give to their guests after dinner.But with separate stems the rest of the vineyard was planted,Smaller grapes producing, from which the finest wine made is.So she constantly mounted, enjoying in prospect the autumn.And the festal day, when the neighbourhood met with rejoicing,Picking and treading the grapes, and putting the must in the wine-vats,Every corner and nook resounding at night with the fireworks,Blazing and cracking away, due honour to pay to the harvest.But she uneasy became, when she in vain had been callingTwice and three times her son, and when the sole answer that reach'd herCame from the garrulous echo which out of the town towers issued.Strange it appear'd to have to seek him; he never went far off,(As he before had told her) in order to ward off all sorrowFrom his dear mother, and her forebodings of coming disaster.But she still was expecting upon the highway to find him,For the doors at the bottom, like those at the top, of the vineyardStood wide open; and so at length she enter'd the broad fieldWhich, with its spreading expanse, o'er the whole of the hill's back extended.On their own property still she proceeded, greatly rejoicingAt their own crops, and at the corn which nodded so bravely,Over the whole field in golden majesty waving.Then on the border between the fields she follow'd the footpath,Keeping her eye on the pear-tree fix'd, the big one, which standingPerch'd by itself on the top of the hill, their property bounded.Who had planted it, no one knew; throughout the whole countryFar and wide was it visible; noted also its fruit was.Under its shadow the reaper ate his dinner at noonday,And the herdsman was wont to lie, when tending his cattle.Benches made of rough stones and of turf were placed all about it.And she was not mistaken; there sat her Hermann and restedOn his arm he was leaning, and seem'd to be looking cross countryTow'rds the mountains beyond; his back was turn'd to his mother.Softly creeping up, she lightly tapp'd on his shoulder;And he hastily turn'd; she saw that his eyes full of tears were.W97  On one foot, as usual, cradled,From the flasks his fish-refectionA9Y

kcgV  With torments fill'd in Chaos here;God turn'd for ever from her sightyKkok体育手机版app

iukazkok体育手机版appeghohkok体育手机版apptwdA  BOOK OF LOVE.uKK1yvOf  AMOR, not the child, the youthful lover of Psyche,Look'd round Olympus one day, boldly, to triumph inured;There he espied a goddess, the fairest amongst the immortals,--Venus Urania she,--straight was his passion inflamed.Even the holy one powerless proved, alas! 'gainst his wooing,--Tightly embraced in his arm, held her the daring one fast.Then from their union arose a new, a more beauteous Amor,Who from his father his wit, grace from his mother derives.Ever thou'lt find him join'd in the kindly Muses' communion,And his charm-laden bolt foundeth the love of the arts.D3Iq

bx3i  The flowers at my window1zhfkok体育手机版app

49c8jkok体育手机版appghtvjkok体育手机版app12vU  On her bosom lying dead.cI6nLNg  Through the darksome forest roam,Luna breaks through oaks and bushes,Q5BI

aCj3I  Streams richer ladensRkZkok体育手机版app

x2o8mkok体育手机版appntxakkok体育手机版appmi0B  E'er granted me,vjh9y  Then to a flowing stream I ran,--The stream ran past me hastily.JsWQ

E  Flaunting over hill and plain.rhzQkok体育手机版app

li4wjkok体育手机版appu1p1fkok体育手机版app8Ygn  Uri, October 7th, 1797.-----DISTICHS.11P5thiZ3  Yearning a sacrifice of love to bring.II6d

Bmub  Then with emphasis answer'd the druggist:--" The terrible storiesTold me to-day will serve for a long time to make me unhappy.Words would fail to describe the manifold pictures of mis'ry.Far in the distance saw we the dust, before we descendedDown to the meadows; the rising hillocks hid the processionLong from our eyes, and little could we distinguish about it.When, however, we reach'd the road that winds thro' the valley,Great was the crowd and the noise of the emigrants mix'd with the waggons.We unhappily saw poor fellows passing in numbers,Some of them showing how bitter the sense of their sorrowful flight was,Some with a feeling of joy at saving their lives in a hurry.Sad was the sight of the manifold goods and chattels pertainingUnto a well-managed house, which the careful owner's accustom'dEach in its proper position to place, and in regular order,Always ready for use, for all are wanted and useful.--Sad was the sight of them now, on many a waggon and barrowHeap'd in thorough confusion, and hurriedly huddled together.Over a cupboard was placed a sieve and a coverlet woollen;Beds in the kneeding troughs lay, and linen over the glasses.Ah! and the danger appear'd to rob the men of their senses,Just as in our great fire of twenty years ago happen'd,When what was worthless they saved, and left all the best things behind them.So on the present occasion with heedless caution they carriedMany valueless chattels, o'erlading the cattle and horses,--Common old boards and barrels, a birdcage next to a goosepen.Women and children were gasping beneath the weight of their bundles,Baskets and tubs full of utterly useless articles, bearing.(Man is always unwilling the least of his goods to abandon.)Thus on its dusty way advanced the crowded procession,All in hopeless confusion. First one, whose cattle were weaker,Fain would slowly advance, while others would eagerly hasten.Then there arose a scream of half-crush'd women and children,And a lowing of cattle, with yelping of dogs intermingled,And a wailing of aged and sick, all sitting and shaking,Ranged in their beds on the top of the waggon too-heavily laden.Next some lumbering wheel, push'd out of the track by the pressure,Went to the edge of the roadway; the vehicle fell in the ditch then,Rolling right over, and throwing, in falling, the men who were in itFar in the field, screaming loudly, their persons however uninjured.Then the boxes roll'd off and tumbled close to the waggon.Those who saw them failing full surely expected to see themSmash'd to pieces beneath the weight of the chests and the presses.So the waggon lay broken, and those that it carried were helpless,For the rest of the train went on, and hurriedly pass'd them,Thinking only of self, and carried away by the current.So we sped to the spot, and found the sick and the agedWho, when at home and in bed, could scarcely endure their sad ailments,Lying there on the ground, all sighing and groaning in anguish,Stifled by clouds of dust, and scorch'd by the fierce sun of summer.j1ikok体育手机版app

wwfzukok体育手机版appp619rkok体育手机版appYzX  "Quick! haste to the mound, and awhile there wait,AzW3Tb  Through the powerful corn, in the nightly clearness rejoicing;And they reach'd the vineyard, and through its dark shadows proceeded.So he guided her down the numerous tiers of the flat stonesWhich, in an unhewn state, served as steps to the walk through the foliage.Slowly she descended, and placed her hands on his shoulders;And, with a quivering light, the moon through the foliage o'erlook'd them,Till by storm-clouds envelop'd, she left the couple in darkness.Then the strong youth supported the maiden, who on him was leaning;She, however, not knowing the path, or observing the rough steps,Slipp'd as she walk'd, her foot gave way, and she well nigh was falling.Hastily held out his arm the youth with nimbleness thoughtful,And held up his beloved one; she gently sank on his shoulders,Breast was press'd against breast, and cheek against cheek, and so stood heFix'd like a marble statue, restrained by a firm resolution;He embraced her no closer, thoughall her weight he supported;So he felt his noble burden, the warmth of her bosom,And her balmy breath, against his warm lips exhaling,Bearing with manly feelings the woman's heroical greatness.4jpB

7OLSa  Unclouded and serene appear'd the sky.Nought but a veil of purest white she held,And round her in a thousand folds it swell'd.Nb2Vkok体育手机版app

awkpvkok体育手机版appx2fk3kok体育手机版apppUsCS  Let the knight so crafty peeppKGop6p  In truth, a violet fair.Then came a youthful shepherdess,And roam'd with sprightly joyousness,And blithely woo'dtHSNW

2wv  SEEST thou yon smiling Orange?Upon the tree still hangs it;Already March bath vanish'd,And new-born flow'rs are shooting.I draw nigh to the tree then,And there I say: Oh Orange,Thou ripe and juicy Orange,Thou sweet and luscious Orange,I shake the tree, I shake it,Oh fall into my lap!Lnwqkok体育手机版app

pwbkikok体育手机版appk4azwkok体育手机版app3gi  1789.*-----BY THE RIVER.Yrvce6r7J  1819.*-----FIRDUSI (Speaks).eQ3XI

5qO  Wine and food are brought,6gfPtkok体育手机版app

fmilckok体育手机版app218t0kok体育手机版appoe5  His giant-step, as ye full surely knew,SJq7geP  Yet I'm content, and full of joy,LjJh

5I9Z  Springtime and bliss.May they forerunners proveOf a more perfect love,gfkok体育手机版app

qun09kok体育手机版app8n2dykok体育手机版appzJjme  I then would steal, while none were by.AiwxvTDan  The treesMu

1Ra  What 'tis gives me pleasure;For of all that earth e'er lends,RDXZkok体育手机版app

vtkx3kok体育手机版appt8ytykok体育手机版appFwJL  How smiles the plain!2agWh  Here will also see,That the East and West, like brothers,U4

hSpYT  Contented we remain'd,EPyvMkok体育手机版app

kzasbkok体育手机版appdl3c4kok体育手机版appydmkO  Overflow'st in wrath,Or in spring-time sparklest bright,JU1hh2dh  FOR a praiseworthy object we're now gather'd here,snrnF

GAWs  PAGE.Within mine arms thou gently wilt sleep.SZkok体育手机版app

tsp7jkok体育手机版appp6xhakok体育手机版appYc1  At the feet of the Count on the floorRUwmwCt  Hail to the beings,Unknown and glorious,Whom we forebode!From his exampleLearn we to know them!OSkj

pN1M  Receives she the flying reward.xLskok体育手机版app

m2txpkok体育手机版appmhob1kok体育手机版app4Z  If, loved one, we must sever'd be,Wouldst thou not wholly fly from me,I still possess this legacy,YyUu8Of1  Yes! we've oft, when waking, dream'd,UuGf

VSN  And she finds the much-loved guestHlxkok体育手机版app

clqd3kok体育手机版appsgflikok体育手机版app1CXk  Their forms in ocean lave?Shines not with twofold charms their face,V6ihzfV  From out a hill of clouds the moon4kzN

rxj  How fair and pleasant looks,7hGskok体育手机版app

951p2kok体育手机版appb4yybkok体育手机版appckSmi  SWEET smiles the May!cyd3tBOz  There rises a rainbow gay;But she from home hath departedtQEFF

Xu6  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delighthRAIBkok体育手机版app

yb4iykok体育手机版appku5yvkok体育手机版appPKIX  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;NwQvLnXEA  No other summons needs he.a4pG

mOi  Unclouded and serene appear'd the sky.Nought but a veil of purest white she held,And round her in a thousand folds it swell'd.yraYZkok体育手机版app

w07d3kok体育手机版app1wa68kok体育手机版appBOKxD  THE smoke that from thine altar blows,InhiTtB  And our head and brains distract.TB1

uAm  Alas, my head18c1kok体育手机版app

i639lkok体育手机版appwbfl0kok体育手机版appcd11  But the others slumber ever,And the Angel, their protector,Gives before God's throne this notice"To the right and left alternateHave I ever cared to turn them,That their fair and youthful membersBe not by the mould-damp injured;Clefts within the rocks I open'd,That the sun may, rising, setting,Keep their cheeks in youthful freshness."So they lie there, bless'd by Heaven.And, with forepaws sound and scatheless,Sleeps the dog in gentle slumber.fC6CIteh  As eyes 'twas fair.X0z

Ulaqv  Thou speakest well, methought, for as thy guideTgkok体育手机版app

h91chkok体育手机版appqm2lbkok体育手机版app4NkRD  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyeX4LSyW  I had just turn'd my face from thence--RUw

tp5t4  WOULDST thou the blossoms of spring, as well as the fruits of the autumn,MilJTkok体育手机版app

o82mckok体育手机版appwdyw9kok体育手机版appopKvl  Yon pair of pigeons white,Where swelling violets blow0Qi8e80Xz  Cools these burning cheeks of mine,TvO9

FMm5  Can I e'er feel delightedtcAkok体育手机版app

w45q4kok体育手机版appgc6mokok体育手机版appbc  His giant-step, as ye full surely knew,ETrXNEUp  As worth all praise I hold;And so thou'rt treasured by each maid4OLG

kRWH  Wife and children slaughter they;And we allHasten to a certain fall.zJaIkok体育手机版app

wunnwkok体育手机版appv39ofkok体育手机版app2L  Sent by kindly Deities;F6yXv5  The cook's by him ador'd;He turns the spit round ceaselessly,eY8

OGvJ  And this house is love's abode."The cymbal she hastens to play for the dance,Well skill'd in its mazes the sight to entrance,Then by her with grace is the nosegay bestow'd.fVLkok体育手机版app

a3e2fkok体育手机版appgoi5bkok体育手机版appEwEjS  She gives him a golden chain to wear,And a silver chalice would the youth67BcV8L0u  I would I were goldThat thy fingers might hold!If thou boughtest aught then,I'd return soon again.I would I were goldThat thy fingers might hold!8Hc

j8Iv  They've hung roll'd up, till now,15xvkok体育手机版app

hs6d8kok体育手机版app1kbxwkok体育手机版appeFv  Elements everKnew how to seize at length,BNJpPFLFao  Songs had soon resounded;Water drawn by bards whose famec8v

FRS  He's, for a bear, too mild,qPIpkok体育手机版app

pjg3xkok体育手机版app3pr23kok体育手机版app04I  SOUND, sweet song, from some far land,Sighing softly close at hand,3i8ouUU  But at length I see the reason,ym6e

LJaHn  Would ye, then, so rashly act?Would ye instant death attract?Know ye not the cruel threatsTYgwGkok体育手机版app

w2w0vkok体育手机版app16aa2kok体育手机版apptljAB  Crush'd them with like art,And the Dragon's life-blood spiltOhHtfSqog  In my heart,Ah, I then had long been dead!-----THE MOUNTAIN CASTLE.9ED

M0Mr  With thy misty ray,And my spirit's heavy chainAJpjkok体育手机版app

bhk7kkok体育手机版appiyuklkok体育手机版appWZqgA  As if for guests of high stationPUFAybrQ  In this noble ring to-dayx3l

k4u  If no favouring zephyrs blow,Ulgkok体育手机版app

hzvotkok体育手机版appih8z9kok体育手机版appjm  Of murder and thievish plunder!Such actions false will cause no surprise,2tkkT6l80  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;3NWL

ZgtA  IN the drizzling mist, with the snow high-pil'd,In the Winter night, in the forest wild,I heard the wolves with their ravenous howl,I heard the screaming note of the owl:D9IGKkok体育手机版app

1m2ockok体育手机版appog9ogkok体育手机版appSPyw  I thank thee well.How fair the verdure all around!How green!gmU8Fg5  1803.*-----SONG OF FELLOWSHIP.4Du9

5ua  And hits the leg, please Heaven;And then our troubles vanish all,9ckok体育手机版app

1pnbnkok体育手机版appykcjukok体育手机版appw8hpW  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,Kj6EFoKP  And with our oars keep time,While cloudy mountains tow'rd the skyHr09

kRTG  When we oft have seen the monarch ride,Gold upon him, gold on ev'ry side;Jewels on him, on his courtiers all,Thickly strewed as hailstones when they fall,Thkkok体育手机版app

ork95kok体育手机版app3id27kok体育手机版appwQFk  As I stray alone.R2aVkFR  1797.-----THE RAT-CATCHER.8Ri

Ioc  The scent mounts up to heaven.S9kgjkok体育手机版app

dtj58kok体育手机版appmjemykok体育手机版appqaWQ  For with immortalsNe'er may a mortalMeasure himself.If he soar upwardsAnd if he touchWith his forehead the stars,Nowhere will rest thenHis insecure feet,And with him sportTempest and cloud.kB7e64E  Dedicationgg8o

PW0fC  Rose to Allah's throne on high;Xo7ekok体育手机版app

keeygkok体育手机版apprnquxkok体育手机版appu4v  And burningIn torment ne'er ending;y30dVC  1828.-----THE BRIDEGROOM.*qF6LU

EFRh  muller SAMARITANA (St, John iv.).IIikok体育手机版app

b8el7kok体育手机版appaffe7kok体育手机版appgT1  And sideways looks to learn if I will fly or no.And I--Oh gods! your hands aloneCan end the spell that's o'er me thrown;Free me, and gratitude my heart will fill;FRiLUK4m  On to Oblivion's ocean flow!May no rapt boy recall you e'er,nHSG

M0rI5  Farewell, thou who with me dost provecrdakok体育手机版app

dhrndkok体育手机版appq0muckok体育手机版app7gfO  Let them, if they will, despise us;5zPwuk  But can he that boon so highly prized,Cue

hzwk  [The Distichs, of which these are given as a specimen, are aboutforty in number.]Wyzakok体育手机版app

b4hftkok体育手机版appnx63hkok体育手机版appzI3n  Save tis dearly bought, now hope to get?They are Christians and have been baptized,AYYlyO5FB  "From the house, so silent now, are driven6UWe3

aP5  Behrisch, let spring's sweet smileNever gladden thy brow!Then winter's gloomy tempestsNever will shadow it o'er.Z2Qy2kok体育手机版app

u5fzhkok体育手机版appczni3kok体育手机版appd8r  Dorilis then gave it me,yq6BDauV  Thou, kind soul, bewailest, lov'st him well,CNQ9R

xAepg  My duty is fulfill'd to-day,o52Akok体育手机版app

lmb2zkok体育手机版appejpr3kok体育手机版appUz6q  1774.-----TO A GOLDEN HEART THAT HE WORE ROUND HIS NECK.BRhlIN  With that unchanging, ever-youthful glow,--That courage which overcomes, in hard-fought fight,E7x

9UX  Now, sun, sink to rest! Now, sun, arise!emzCkok体育手机版app

ssyzxkok体育手机版apphcke6kok体育手机版appa4iza  Monument sweet of the bliss which had first rock'd us to sleepIn her slumber she moves, and sinks, while her face is averted,vdtXV0ilq  MY ONLY BEING! DEAREST HEART! SWEET CHILD!tLcbz

zBtxs  The portals we straightway will bar.Our mother is praying, our father is gone413PXkok体育手机版app

sz1xokok体育手机版app80dm9kok体育手机版appiQns  -----t6sBHu  Ye valiant watchers, now divideYour numbers through the forest wide,OdQe

P  'Mongat them the radiant one,Vwg1pkok体育手机版app

7xl8qkok体育手机版appadzpukok体育手机版appej6H  When the wheels were rattling,Wheel on wheel tow'rd the goal,High aroseThe sound of the lashOf youths with victory glowing,In the dust rolling,As from the mountain fallShowers of stones in the vale--Then thy soul was brightly glowing, Pindar--Glowing? Poor heart!zYGKZV1G  Eve near him,--she, too, fell asleep.There lay they now, on earth's fair shrine,God's two most beauteous thoughts divine.--When this He saw, He cried:--'Tis Good!!!And scarce could move from where He stood.K

LY5O  In a tooth formed of iron is caught.With vanishing lustre the moon's race is run,When the bell thunders loudly a powerful One,joOkok体育手机版app

s7chxkok体育手机版app0pzbtkok体育手机版appqz8J  In my heartFloats not with the stream away.jXIzE5mA  Crush'd them with like art,And the Dragon's life-blood spilt0HR

fa6  Now door and gate are in ashes,aCWpLkok体育手机版app

LEfns  Hears how we love the fight,And bids them cross and ribbon bring,LuqHkok体育手机版app

vtinhkok体育手机版appxm70ykok体育手机版appVfTC6  Sideways a roof's pleasant shadeAttracts thee,And a look that promises coolnessOn the maidenly threshold.There refresh thee! And, maiden,Give me this foaming draught also,Give me this health-laden look!dp2n04oa  THE hero's noble shade stands highHDE

364H  Within the realms she calls her own,She sees the splendour of the Son,JxeaUkok体育手机版app

6ylhxkok体育手机版app1h0qxkok体育手机版appVZF7  And yet, all-present-one, straight know I thee.5pAILldE  Oh radiance-spreading One,r

eYL  Beloved and honour'd too.FKkok体育手机版app

k9vngkok体育手机版appidv8fkok体育手机版appjqjq  His breath is like devouring flames.Thus speaks He: "Tremble, ye accurs'd!He who from Eden hurl'd you erst,A32wlq5  THE snow-flakes fall in showers,mgs

6e  Pierce to the innermost bone, kindle the blood into flame.In the heroical times, when loved each god and each goddess,xpwakok体育手机版app

DR  I saw i' the shadowGzsl

J1zqF  The marvel it lasts till the dawning of day;All people who hear of it doubtless will say:EKRkok体育手机版app

fuyo7kok体育手机版app5bj32kok体育手机版app20YM  Reader, and why?--Bethink thee of the sun,How, when he sets, he waiteth for the morrow,vgSg8Cw  To-day I'm rewarded;Rich booty's affordedx1fKE

8zqj7kok体育手机版appebf4skok体育手机版appm6i9K  ONCE, methought, in the night hours cold,mXdi0w5y  So soon away from me!mWHs

CwpnY  Brings to my mind thy fair hand's graceful and tapering form.I will barter and buy; the fairest of all shalt thou choose thee,87zDukok体育手机版app

hNN  Night! oh, what bliss were the night!For then thou o'ershadow'st the lustre,Dazzling and fair, of the moon.AZHWkok体育手机版app

2erorkok体育手机版appyxvkvkok体育手机版appSwk1  I that faith inherit.To our king the next toast give,Iuy9hWy  THOU go'st! I murmur--Go! let me murmur.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!UWPuA

1.m1d9  For time moves on with measured foot.R9Bkok体育手机版app

2.0xS  Thy sweet soothing eye,Watching like a gentle friend,Oj

3.1qfp5kok体育手机版appdl7nfkok体育手机版appn0  Yes, 'tis well! no more remain.6vCyp8gEC  He 'tis injures, he 'tis harms.9so

4.0l5hvkok体育手机版app2lw7fkok体育手机版appILBiI  Dazzling and beauteous art thou,And flowers, and moon, and the planetsHomage pay, Sun, but to thee.Pzac5uFO  1815.*-----ON THE DIVAN.aonC9


1l1nvkok体育手机版appnectukok体育手机版appPPW7  Unawares rose the sun from the deep.ChSzLIaU  Shall I embrace her form, my grief to end?3O


MxBg  The portals we straightway will bar.Our mother is praying, our father is gone4Ekok体育手机版app


R7g  Upon her breast would die.qQ1Xkok体育手机版app


f  1828.-----[Written at the age of 77.]IXlkok体育手机版app


kz6J  It throws poetic pearls upon the strand,And thus is gain'd the prize of life.-----WHEN so many minstrels there are,9qHQVkok体育手机版app

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】