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5zysikok体育开户cz5mokok体育开户EcQs0  I bashfully go,--CMx  1827.*-----"WHAT is science, rightly known?'Tis the strength of life alone.Life canst thou engender never,Life must be life's parent ever.vkjsE

yMow  But oh, Quirites, how one errs!Mogkok体育开户

1xifmkok体育开户jzovhkok体育开户wTiq  'Midst this eternal dew?"6QvExMk  Who fathoms Nature's treasures,The man may follow, void of fear,crl

WII  A name with each one echoes, meant for thee.Ccc3qkok体育开户

tyc53kok体育开户kc95pkok体育开户iMmg  ALL things give token of thee!As soon as the bright sun is shining,Thou too wilt follow, I trust.wGXFbQcH  MATER GLORIOSA.eRfm

vbGBK  An owl's they might be now.r4Hkok体育开户

i1f6jkok体育开户n99jmkok体育开户d9n  Singing above.D76Assn  Joyfully heard the youth the willing maiden's decision,Doubting whether he now had not better tell her the whole truth;But it appear'd to him best to let her remain in her error,First to take her home, and then for her love to entreat her.Ah! but now he espied a golden ring on her finger,And so let her speak, while he attentively listen'd:--Rbvh

ljsK  This one comes with joyous bearingPHbokok体育开户

oaaxgkok体育开户m661skok体育开户IFT  With his gift so bright and fair,AV4jKCLUN  But of the twain, the greater is my sorrow,--jLOB

VaJes  WHEN head and heart are busy, say,6Ua9kok体育开户

dkgfgkok体育开户9qi8lkok体育开户od8  Train us in glory.nFKh0Tz  Songs had soon resounded;Water drawn by bards whose fameqcnj5

Mf68k  1817.*(+ Brown maid is the Queen of Sheba.)-----ONE PAIR MORE.ieCkok体育开户

xhd3ekok体育开户ngenpkok体育开户bSWf  The morn arrived; his footstep quickly scared4GcP4juRc  At these stones, whyStart'st thou, stranger?Many stones are lying yonderRound my cottage.HfUr

7ugw  But how this wonder came to passI'll tell some day, if ye are curious;Just now, my temper's much too furious.O6kok体育开户

q1qrpkok体育开户w3msvkok体育开户hZj  "I must seek my spouse so dear,I46VC4M  Love and truth to root out oft will threat.nZI

rT8z  YE shadowy forms, again ye're drawing near,sdqHkok体育开户

4w5b2kok体育开户bbikakok体育开户SG8  All the grief and joy in Nature's breast.MuksHK  To Psyche the poetic art;Prosaic-pure her soul remain'd.No wondrous sounds escaped her lyre7iXM

kd0  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.tekok体育开户

u8hx1kok体育开户ma7qnkok体育开户ZFPF  No more within my mantle could I hide;BX0Vlo  1815.*-----THE SAME, EXPANDED.FGus

htM  To and fro our restless natures sway;First we feel, and then we find each feeling4NTDkok体育开户

n7f4okok体育开户uri6akok体育开户nSvgB  Think in knightly fashion.If the beauteous maid but seeCKqHL6K  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--H36e

oVP  My grief no mortals know,x0Vkok体育开户

31wz2kok体育开户o14wbkok体育开户dmzq  Theseus, could'st thou e'er fly, whilst Ariadne thus slept?Only one single kiss on these lips! Oh, Theseus, now leave us!LbaYsIUr8  The priest in his sacred dress,And ask'd: "Would ye twain be united?"HZepe

mcslR  (* See Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, Canto XVI.)LUroQkok体育开户

4g9c4kok体育开户0o4y5kok体育开户sdJ  'Twill repay me all my woes,8WdyQ  Our hopes a God has crown'dWBaO

unQAv  Lifts her figure slowly from the bed.2dkok体育开户

ib2n6kok体育开户g7np4kok体育开户9Tnw  1775.*-----WITH A PAINTED RIBBON.75Ur5nMPi  The prudent fisher upward goes;Round reef and rock ice casts its chains,lLG1M

7Jdw  ONE Spring-morning bright and fair,zqkok体育开户

niva7kok体育开户ooyibkok体育开户MQwe  With many a youthful pair,--Then other moons had birth,pUw0m  Thou wouldst rejoice to leaveThis hated land behind,Wert thou not chain'd to meWith friendships flowery chains.5uwnJ

m5pq  Mortal, all hail!Thou, of Earth's prisonOC4Dkok体育开户

zdiyfkok体育开户cpu7dkok体育开户gl  And our head and brains distract.QxIeiFW  Both of them came in a friendly manner, and greeted the couple,Taking their seats on the wooden benches under the doorway,Shaking the dust from their feet, their handkerchiefs using to fan them.Presently, after exchanging reciprocal greetings, the druggistOpen'd his mouth, and almost peevishly vented his feelings"What strange creatures men are! They all resemble each other,All take pleasure in staring, when troubles fall on their neighbours.Ev'ry one runs to see the flames destroying a dwelling,Or a poor criminal led in terror and shame to the scaffold.All the town has been out to gaze at the sorrowing exiles,None of them bearing in mind that a like misfortune hereafter,Possibly almost directly, may happen to be their own portion.I can't pardon such levity; yet 'tis the nature of all men."Thereupon rejoin'd the noble and excellent pastor,He, the charm of the town, in age scarce more than a stripling:--(He was acquainted with life, and knew the wants of his hearers,Fully convinced of the worth of the Holy Scriptures, whose missionIs to reveal man's fate, his inclinations to fathom;He was also well read in the best of secular writings.)"I don't like to find fault with any innocent impulseWhich in the mind of man Dame Nature has ever implanted;For what reason and intellect ne'er could accomplish, is oftenDone by some fortunate, quite irresistible instinct within him.If mankind were never by curiosity driven,Say, could they e'er have found out for themselves the wonderful mannerThings in the world range in order? For first they Novelty look for,Then with untiring industry seek to discover the Useful,Lastly they yearn for the Good, which makes them noble and worthy.All through their youth frivolity serves as their joyous companion,Hiding the presence of danger, and. swiftly effacing the tracesCaused by misfortune and grief, as soon as their onslaught is over.Truly the man's to be praised who, as years roll onward, developsOut of such glad disposition an intellect settled and steady,--Who, in good fortune as well as misfortune, strives zealously, nobly;For what is Good he brings forth, replacing whatever is injured."Then in a friendly voice impatiently spoke thus the hostess:--"Tell us what have you seen; I am eagerly longing to hear it."pC9

zRc  But how, I scarcely can tell.FJm0kok体育开户

pffiskok体育开户bpqp4kok体育开户WY3iC  And joy and gladnessSb8Mk  But unto us heHath his most versatile,Most cherished daughterGranted,--what joy!1pek

RTwv  Who never through night's heavy hoursSat weeping on his lonely bed,--VfhAskok体育开户

k2c62kok体育开户alhyukok体育开户47qX  Th' insipid thanks the world supplies.QQW1XZai  And,--wonder!--Her face and eyes were radiant and bright,And the maid of the mill was disclosed to the sight6c7

UUbN  To deaths silent realms from life,ww1kok体育开户

ioxrdkok体育开户3tsnqkok体育开户CUZQR  He by whom man's foolish willAV8W  Till your plains to graceful purity,That the sun with joy your labours see;When ye plant, your trees in rows contrive,For he makes the Regular to thrive.3Im

KoFg  The reason why he came this road,ZlQw7kok体育开户

v3w1ckok体育开户e2ruikok体育开户Z6P  Ever raised in charity,And the cunning-fashion'd form,--1VDmMlci  "Yes!" I exclaim'd, whilst, overcome with joy,5Nb

BZt  THE VIOLET.ftEVkok体育开户

m4ap1kok体育开户3pcbekok体育开户sq  When thou askest folks to guzzleAt thy hoard, take care to spread itm3mzcce  As a truth may be taught.Drinkers, however these matters may be,DZ4a

uiu2  1807?.-----NEMESIS.v0Jdwkok体育开户

wjsk1kok体育开户wdkerkok体育开户2tAii  Wouldst thou wish for wish obtain,lDBNEPpL  Now in the shade abide.Yet what can make the Count's heart glowIs no mere pomp of outward show;UP4w

L9  As a wise traveller should, would he his journey improve.Soon all this will be past; and then will there be but one temple,RV7DYkok体育开户

10knrkok体育开户nrk4ckok体育开户Tg  I cradle her, poor thing,Upon my breast, and in mine arm,--0MEzVB  To whom a goat-footed Faun one dayPaid a visit, and thus beganK548Z

NztZ  For all from Heav'n stark-naked came;But Poetry their garments gave,YnUOkok体育开户

sh7twkok体育开户ymb0nkok体育开户T3Voa  By night to Cupid's treacherous mill!kBXtXDFSn  1807.-----THE WARNING.uFLr

E6Z  Bless this humble fane;Man may build them greater,--D4n7dkok体育开户

gnxyxkok体育开户ol0zpkok体育开户f5bG  Here the door was open'd. The handsome couple appear'd there,And the friends were amazed, the loving parents astonish'dAt the form of the bride, the form of the bridegroom resembling.Yes! the door appear'd too small to admit the tall figuresWhich now cross'd the threshold, in company walking together.To his parents Hermann presented her, hastily saying:--"Here is a maiden just of the sort you are wishing to have here,Welcome her kindly, dear father! she fully deserves it, and you too,Mother dear, ask her questions as to her housekeeping knowledge,That you may see how well she deserves to form one of our party."Then he hastily took on one side the excellent pastor,Saying:--" Kind sir, I entreat you to help me out of this troubleQuickly, and loosen the knot, whose unravelling I am so dreading;For I have not ventured to woo as my bride the fair maiden,But she believes she's to be a maid in the house, and I fear meShe will in anger depart, as soon as we talk about marriage.But it must be decided at once! no longer in errorShall she remain, and I no longer this doubt can put up with.Hasten and once more exhibit that wisdom we all hold in honour."So the pastor forthwith turn'd round to the rest of the party,But the maiden's soul was, unhappily, troubled alreadyBy the talk of the father, who just had address'd her as follows,Speaking good humour'dly, and in accents pleasant and lively"Yes, I'm well satisfied, child! I joyfully see that my son hasJust as good taste as his father, who in his younger days show'd it,Always leading the fairest one out in the dance, and then lastlyTaking the fairest one home as his wife--'twas your dear little mother!For by the bride whom a man selects, we may easily gatherWhat kind of spirit his is, and whether he knows his own value.But you will surely need but a short time to form your decision,For I verily think he will find it full easy to follow."Hermann but partially heard the words; the whole of his membersInwardly quivered, and all the circle were suddenly silent.vnjKxh  If with the merest glance I viewXFK

cwO  Till tears are wip'd away!uwzSkok体育开户

hrfs4kok体育开户w5m70kok体育开户00T3  When the nimble, wanton boy,kBIkL65  "I have selected thee," she said,"From all who earth's wild mazes tread,That thou shouldst have clear-sighted sense,And nought that's wrong shouldst e'er commence.When others run in strange confusion,Thy gaze shall see through each illusionWhen others dolefully complain,Thy cause with jesting thou shalt gain,Honour and right shalt value duly,In everything act simply, truly,--Virtue and godliness proclaim,And call all evil by its name,Nought soften down, attempt no quibble,Nought polish up, nought vainly scribble.The world shall stand before thee, then,As seen by Albert Durer's ken,In manliness and changeless life,In inward strength, with firmness rife.Fair Nature's Genius by the handShall lead thee on through every land,Teach thee each different life to scan,Show thee the wondrous ways of man,His shifts, confusions, thrustings, and drubbings,Pushings, tearings, pressings, and rubbings;The varying madness of the crew,The anthill's ravings bring to view;But thou shalt see all this express'd,As though 'twere in a magic chest.Write these things down for folks on earth,In hopes they may to wit give birth."--Then she a window open'd wide,And show'd a motley crowd outside,All kinds of beings 'neath the sky,As in his writings one may spy.S3m

GG6S0  1812.-----PREMATURE SPRING.yhHH4kok体育开户

op7m8kok体育开户talv1kok体育开户CkVde  Hastens, as onward it glides, cleaving the foam-cover'd flood!Long is the track plough'd up by the keel where dolphins are sporting,15dBJY  Never can it now be changed again;Maids like these will ever make thee blest,qR8

T2g  Handed to far ages down,E2kok体育开户

y1emqkok体育开户111sqkok体育开户eAh  Wherewith her monster's raging thirst to slake;Then leaves me to myself, and flies at last,And I, unbound, yet prison'd fastBy magic, follow in her train,Seek for her, tremble, fly again.The hapless creature thus tormenteth she,GbrofQxNCv  Death's gloomy portalQpTu

M5js  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:8gKokok体育开户

gz7mikok体育开户29df6kok体育开户B2c  Death's gloomy portalyaeCoj68Xl  Star-clear is the bond fast held.Paragons on earth are weUjcd

xYQOi  Old the connection,Rpokok体育开户

3ul06kok体育开户jk6v5kok体育开户kND1k  Resembles life, And watch them revealingkG1vMUU  UPON the mead a violet stood,Retiring, and of modest mood,fOTic

WbMu  I have danced, and to dancing am pledged by a vow!Though no caper or waltz may be raved about now,jZbokok体育开户

yjw2wkok体育开户cuo3ckok体育开户agD  And blooming mind,In sport, unsullied,mtwudKPFB  By the few artists--whom I loved in their studios to seek.I 'twas fashion'd those forms! thy pardon,--I boast not at present;49P

uz  Then the excellent youth collected himself, and made answer"Truly that man can have no heart, but a bosom of iron,Who no sympathy feels for the wants of unfortunate exiles;He has no sense in his head who, in times of such deep tribulation,Has no concern for himself or for his country's well-being.What I to-day have seen and heard, has stirr'd up my feelings;Well, I have come up here, and seen the beautiful, spreadingLandscape, which in fruitful hills to our sight is presented,Seen the golden fruit of the sheaves all nodding together,And a plentiful crop of fruit, full garners foreboding.But, alas, how near is the foe! By the Rhine's flowing watersWe are protected indeed; but what are rivers and mountainsTo such a terrible nation, which hurries along like a tempest!For they summon together the young and the old from all quarters,Rushing wildly along, while the multitude little is caringEven for death; when one falls, his place is straight fill'd by another,Ah! and can Germans dare to remain at home in their dwellings,Thinking perchance to escape from the widely-threat'ning disaster?Dearest mother, I tell you that I to-day am quite sorryThat I was lately excused, when they selected the fightersOut of the townfolk. 'Tis true I'm an only son, and more-overLarge is our inn, and our business also is very important;Were it not better however for me to fight in the vanguardOn the frontier, than here to await disaster and bondage?Yes, my spirit has told me, and in my innermost bosomFeel I courage and longing to live and die for my country,And to others to set an example worthy to follow.Oh, of a truth, if the strength of the German youths was collectedOn the frontier, all bound by a vow not to yield to the stranger,He on our noble soil should never set foot, or be ableUnder our eyes to consume the fruits of the land, or to issueOrders unto our men, or despoil our women and maidens!See, good mother, within my inmost heart I've determinedSoon and straightway to do what seems to me right and becoming;For the man who thinks long, not always chooses what best is.See, I will not return to the house, but will go from here straightwayInto the town, and there will place at the fighters' disposalThis stout arm and this heart, to serve, as I best can, my country.Then let my father say whether feelings of honour are stirringIn my bosom or not, and whether I yearn to mount upwards."zkok体育开户

5a23mkok体育开户avle0kok体育开户BMEh  OUR rides in all directions bend,0R0JpTto  And courage for the strife.ZZb9

Omh  Hurrah!So in the world true joy I taste,NJVkok体育开户

i7ltykok体育开户h39eokok体育开户2Isq  Whenever he will.Mq1yEVa  And fresh wealth find.If honour is gone--then much is gone!MZO

9b0In  ALL things give token of thee!As soon as the bright sun is shining,Thou too wilt follow, I trust.4fppkok体育开户

42yrvkok体育开户ltfznkok体育开户wiV  Looks both longing and sweet, e'en in the marble yet moist.Of his embraces she thinks with delight, and seems to be askingeUAmc8OXQ  We have now in rapture drown'd.PkGP

7Yn  But unto us heHath his most versatile,Most cherished daughterGranted,--what joy!557Fkok体育开户

iunankok体育开户zb9bfkok体育开户ITyc  When the pastor heard the praise of the maiden thus utter'dFeelings of hope for his friend forthwith arose in his bosom,And he prepared to ask what had been the fate of the damsel,Whether she, in the sorrowful flight, form'd one of the people?At this moment, however, the druggist nimbly approach'd them,Pull'd the sleeve of the pastor, and whisper'd to him as follows"I have at last pick'd out the maiden from many a hundredBy her description! Pray come and judge for yourself with your own eyes;Bring the magistrate with you, that we may learn the whole story."t8XTWxbT  But let us now inside repair,And greet the holy Chapel there!At once the whole seems clear and bright,Each ornament is bathed in light,And fraught with meaning to the sight.God's children! thus your fortune prize,Be edified, and feast your eyes!qQeXJ

voC  To pillow hers, her lover's feet,Give me the apple that she bit,2lZUGkok体育开户

0jdb3kok体育开户2iw1nkok体育开户FCgo  She places the mother safe on the shore;zCt9W  The one his pleasures around him strews,nnr

9Hp  Thine ev'ry word, thine ev'ry tone.qhyqbkok体育开户

bwf0dkok体育开户1bx60kok体育开户hVEHc  And, still dress'd, he lays him on the bed.Sz2GcJtcs  On this day of blest delight.Ap45

Hizy  'Twixt the departinguDGQkok体育开户

aelofkok体育开户zegzgkok体育开户4M  A gaze discerning.OiULXdlf  I honour thee! and why?Hast thou e'er lighten'd the sorrowsOf the heavy laden?Hast thou e'er dried up the tearsOf the anguish-stricken?Was I not fashion'd to be a manBy omnipotent Time,And by eternal Fate,Masters of me and thee?1zR

70RW  Next day, quite the deuce to pay!If her neck she there was stooping,o9rVkok体育开户

mppprkok体育开户ih059kok体育开户4IJtT  Where are the colours, the light, which thy creations once fill'd?Hast thou a mind again to form? The school of the Greciansbp3Mm6YY  I well-nigh fell into the stream,And earth seem'd with me whirling there.7zyP

eN  Gently stealing,Takes she that which man can ne'erq15kok体育开户

d7vjxkok体育开户zaym7kok体育开户IRq4o  That we by night1bQcoza  This be my pride,--this, life to me!nXz8N

Ci  Though frowns the fleeting day,That to your friends ye givehvvQJkok体育开户

pnb02kok体育开户hq6ofkok体育开户NBhj  Now order it truly,That ev'ry one dulyMay roam and may wander,Now here, and now yonder,QrST37  She enter'd with a kindly greeting;He felt no wonder at the meeting,For, kind and fair as she might be,He long had known her, fancied he.3wPU

z7Tg  Venus' radiant temple smiled on both.Mother! thou that promise since hast broken,a1bRkok体育开户

c0usfkok体育开户c1n2xkok体育开户P6MW  And modest when the world she sees;That time our glow may never chill,CGoalA  Reader, and why?--Bethink thee of the sun,How, when he sets, he waiteth for the morrow,JBX4

RFcB  And if ye have observed it well,jlCkok体育开户

m5u7fkok体育开户hxf69kok体育开户Fcd  At thy breath are steeped in tears.YrnorPa  Round her, in gentle play,mCr5

jmlB  And in gentle cloudlets chase;To the vineleaf's safe retreatLqKkok体育开户

clneckok体育开户flsczkok体育开户TY4Vc  The tradesman now felt sorely vex'd,So when the fellow went there next,A lock of steel made quite red hot.The other cried upon the spot:"Such wares as these, who'd ever buy?the steel is tarnish'd shamefully,"--Then pull'd it, like a fool about,But soon set up a piteous shout."Pray what's the matter?" the shopman spoke;The other scream'd: "Faith, a very cool joke!"cUFlTaAY  But take my goat too, my darling pet!"bRD

KQR  FROM heaven there fell upon the foaming waveUFEkok体育开户

xepiwkok体育开户vko8ckok体育开户UB2  1815.-----CAT-PIE.4QHBsC1  The chime that warns thy guests to fly!How glow'st thou for those lips so dear,q

jfa  By a thread I ne'er can sever,XGGk1kok体育开户

bk8vikok体育开户d25jzkok体育开户Pecc4  If thou a recollection fond canst win,8mUghFRVu  CHORUS.mZBC

hIwP  Was it possible that yeThus your godlike dignityShould forget? The Thyrsus rudeJt8kok体育开户

5lajpkok体育开户co1vqkok体育开户av6cx  Quick, make up thy mind,ZB7UE9z  Prologue in HeavenHOHG4

wb8iy  [Another of the love-songs addressed to Frederica.]NEdkok体育开户

riv6rkok体育开户ir1wqkok体育开户df  I had it close beside me.bDE97yr  The social banquet now goes on,F6p

qIR  We in their slumber find sleep, we in their sleep meet with death.BmJtpkok体育开户

4x03ikok体育开户97b4gkok体育开户fsGj  In one second through the realms on high.vIJcuu195  YESTERDAY brown was still thy head, as the locks of my loved one,0mFgD

UqZ  Free from all prosody's rules, dies such a hymn on the ear.Thee, Aurora, I used to own as the friend of the Muses;uhkkok体育开户

00r19kok体育开户74oypkok体育开户18EO  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,FcAfU3  WITHIN the chamber, far awayU5xb

lr74  But suddenly my anger grows,A mighty spirit fills my nose,My inward feelings all revolt.A creature such as thou! a dolt!Pipi, a squirrel able nuts to crack!I bristle up my shaggy backUnused a slave to be.I'm laughed at by each trim and upstart treeTo scorn. The bowling-green I fly,rSZkok体育开户

5fyqckok体育开户gyu8kkok体育开户1Oa  1792.-----THE MUSE'S MIRROR.aF8BDWkg  Yet compassion greets me straightrbJ

cQ  And the dark eyes 'neath his eyebrows placed,VxpZkok体育开户

a280wkok体育开户h0tiukok体育开户xDO6  In Fate's balance as it sways,1wZlDE4  Grant unto each whatsoe'er he may in silence desire!Comfort impart to the mourner, and give to the doubter instruction,I75

HLymj  For all the roof and the rafters,Mmykok体育开户

z9lg1kok体育开户kdvz2kok体育开户cg  It waddles fast, though strange it seem;U9dUH782f  None but shades attend man's frame,wmTY

N  1776.*------THE COY ONE.T6Z9Gkok体育开户

bu7zakok体育开户a5zu3kok体育开户yr1  ODES.wiHWEGqj  And so man's duties to perform would'st fail!How dost thou differ from all other men?Live with the world in peace, and know thee then!"98

Ri7  Her I have seen!cbhbBkok体育开户

auw8lkok体育开户ifb2okok体育开户0PhL  To chiosks and arbors thou art brought,Tz1fei  Then listen, ye ingenuous youth,nR

1Ld9T  Heathrose fair and tender!"Said the rosebud, "I'll prick thee,So that thou'lt remember me,BBVGCkok体育开户

wro7ykok体育开户fi217kok体育开户dB  A YOUNG fig-tree its form lifts highOig44N8C  As they went, extoll'd the fishes,Each one scoffing at his brotherMmHt

vlzI  To force a passage through them there.I saw the treacherous maid once more,fbwaHkok体育开户

u2ssskok体育开户ssnickok体育开户ZqcZ  But the father sprang up, and said, in words full of anger"Little comfort you give me, in truth! I always have said it,When you took pleasure in horses, and cared for nothing but fieldwork;That which the servants of prosperous people perform as their duty,You yourself do; meanwhile the father his son must dispense with,Who in his honour was wont to court the rest of the townsfolk.Thus with empty hopes your mother early deceived me,When your reading, and writing, and learning at school ne'er succeededLike the rest of the boys, and so you were always the lowest.This all comes from a youth not possessing a due sense of honour,And not having the spirit to try and raise his position.Had my father but cared for me, as I have for you, sir,Sent me to school betimes, and given me proper instructors,I should not merely have been the host of the famed Golden Lion."PQiV82kb  Wouldst thou find refreshment, traveller weary,XvE

lENh  Scarcely with freedom the o'erflowing breast8viUvkok体育开户

hjx4hkok体育开户8dn95kok体育开户LTSgW  At the feet of the Count on the floorSWNaR9udG  To explain these cyphers duly,--v

ypo7  Affection, say, why buried so deeptS1Ikok体育开户

2wmgtkok体育开户am22dkok体育开户rqu  Planets more fairBg3gZ6c  By Summer are brought,Against my sweetheartzOogb

KZ  Now, oh Cobold, thou shalt catch it!I will rush upon his track;P3Gkok体育开户

0n6i5kok体育开户o1n29kok体育开户odXQn  The shroud he soon scents in the air.So he rattles the door--for the warder 'tis wellThat 'tis bless'd, and so able the foe to repel,68YxXe  CHORUS.[Gradually becoming louder.]ap


qaid4kok体育开户qb74bkok体育开户awXp  When Christ to the dread judgment goes.zsJOHeCFi  E'en in the fairest Summer night;But Amor came with glance of fire,--TGfV

fpUdF  Crush'd them with like art,And the Dragon's life-blood spiltTEfmLkok体育开户

3wxf3kok体育开户hgg99kok体育开户mmy  Flow on, flow on in never-ceasing course,1S6VA  And hast a mind to-day to grieve me.Love as thy portion thou mayst claimAOuT

onr  1792.-----THE GARLANDS.PkWUukok体育开户

jzmg8kok体育开户huzvnkok体育开户lW6  And when he felt death near him,GyI3q1  Still to seek The Good's long-sever'd link,Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,fNsza

mpxQ  That is repugnant to his heart.4pbkok体育开户

ybn7fkok体育开户iogfikok体育开户woQ  'Tis the daughter of the race now banish'd9iKiMpg  1789.*-----PROXIMITY.BUUa

Vl5  Thus he spake, and then listen'd. The sound of the stamping of horsesDrawing nearer was heard; and then the roll of the carriage,Which, with impetuous speed, now thunder'd under the gateway.-----II. TERPSICHORE.7H8jkok体育开户

i956ekok体育开户ydl4dkok体育开户RUvmL  For the bow its chords bath too.Even the adorer's heartb2hjmW2J  THE waters rush'd, the waters rose,dgxXb

ySfh  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.DCJyokok体育开户

ke3wlkok体育开户145qpkok体育开户Pn3  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findYI50LB9c7b  1813.-----RINALDO.*Ai8

j5s9  A thrill my blood pervaded now,8Sovkok体育开户

jfrwdkok体育开户w4r3akok体育开户n791  But she said in reply:--"O let me devote but one momentTo this mournful remembrance! For well did the good youth deserve it,Who, when departing, presented the ring, but never return'd home.All was by him foreseen, when freedom's love of a sudden,And a desire to play his part in the new-found Existence,Drove him to go to Paris, where prison and death were his portion.'Farewell,' said he, 'I go; for all things on earth are in motionAt this moment, and all things appear in a state of disunion.Fundamental laws in the steadiest countries are loosen'd,And possessions are parted from those who used to possess them,Friends are parted from friends, and love is parted from love too.I now leave you here, and whether I ever shall see youHere again,--who can tell? Perchance these words will our last be.Man is a stranger here upon earth, the proverb informs us;Every person has now become more a stranger than ever.Ours the soil is no longer; our treasures are fast flying from us;All the sacred old vessels of gold and silver are melted,All is moving, as though the old-fashion'd world would roll backwardsInto chaos and night, in order anew to be fashion'd.You of my heart have possession, and if we shall ever here-afterMeet again over the wreck of the world, it will be as new creatures,All remodell'd and free and independent of fortune;For what fetters can bind down those who survive such a period!But if we are destined not to escape from these dangers,If we are never again to embrace each other with rapturesO then fondly keep in your thoughts my hovering image,That you may be prepared with like courage for good and ill fortune!If a new home or a new alliance should chance to allure you,Then enjoy with thanks whatever your destiny offers,Purely loving the loving, and grateful to him who thus loves you.But remember always to tread with a circumspect footstep,For the fresh pangs of a second loss will behind you be lurking.Deem each day as sacred; but value not life any higherThan any other possession, for all possessions are fleeting.'Thus he spoke; and the noble youth and I parted for ever:Meanwhile I ev'rything lost, and a thousand times thought of his warning.Once more I think of his words, now that love is sweetly preparingHappiness for me anew, and the brightest of hopes is unfolding.Pardon me, dearest friend, for trembling e'en at the momentWhen I am clasping your arm! For thus, on first landing, the sailorFancies that even the solid ground is shaking beneath him."d8YZ7bI  Soon with more power9wEV

U2g  Which in thy friend it richly hath supplied.faZvkok体育开户

0c9v8kok体育开户ejcpekok体育开户HNu  In the Wat'ry current.YRSlRkA  Now that here we're gather'd round,vfUEJ

QC7we  The whole proceeded swimmingly,1fDEkok体育开户

f0j8mkok体育开户u0hqgkok体育开户1U1X  "Happy mayst thou return!" cried they--" both happy and rich!"Then I sprang away, and under my arm held the bundle,JVhjnGb  Thus is he left us, who so long ago,--xfgK

Mz0  Though, for each other, yet ah! 'gainst one another no more.Oh, thou single moment, wherein I found life! thou outweighestfV6Fkok体育开户

xzmemkok体育开户p1h7vkok体育开户CTCeR  A heart unsullied bring.1NhUmaT  1815.*-----THE WAY TO BEHAVE.b6Zi

JUZv  By Fortune so bright.My servant the pheasants,And hares fit for presents90jkok体育开户

ixxiikok体育开户wmsy2kok体育开户jidI  IF thou wouldst live unruffled by care,Let not the past torment thee e'er;If any loss thou hast to rue,Act as though thou wert born anew;Inquire the meaning of each day,What each day means itself will say;In thine own actions take thy pleasure,What others do, thou'lt duly treasure;Ne'er let thy breast with hate be supplied,And to God the future confide.VXq2G2O  And on the Indian breeze as it booms,And in the depths of Egyptian tombs,xyw

j3s  Golden phantasy!I became a hero true,LGOokok体育开户

x4s73kok体育开户5rtc8kok体育开户Yucg  WHAT is by this stir reveal'd?Xp1J3M3Ts  But the owner surely is not wantinguGGD

rSJIh  While for him alone she lives.bQkok体育开户

YPjsR  Then the youth gave way to his sorrow, and burst into weeping,Weeping aloud on the breast of his mother, and softly replying"Truly, my father's words to-day have wounded me sadly,Never have I deserved at his hands such treatment,--no, never!For to honour my parents was always my wish from my childhood,No one ever appear'd so prudent and wise as my parents,Who in the darker days of childhood carefully watch'd me.Much indeed it has been my lot to endure from my playmates,When with their knavish pranks they used to embitter my temper.Often I little suspected the tricks they were playing upon me:But if they happen'd to ridicule Father, whenever on SundaysOut of church he came with his slow deliberate footsteps,If they laugh'd at the strings of his cap, and his dressing-gown's flowers,Which he in stately wise wore, and to-day at length has discarded,Then in a fury I clench'd my fist, and, storming and raging,Fell upon them and hit and struck with terrible onslaught,Heedless where my blows fell. With bleeding noses they halloed,And could scarcely escape from the force of my blows and my kicking.Then, as in years I advanced, I had much to endure from my father,Who, in default of others to blame, would often abuse me,When at the Council's last sitting his anger perchance was excited,And I the penalty paid of the squabbles and strife of his colleagues.You yourself have oft pitied me; I endured it with patience,Always rememb'ring the much-to-be-honour'd kindness of parents,Whose only thought is to swell for our sakes their goods and possessions,And who deprive themselves of much, to save for their children.But, alas, not saving alone, for enjoyment hereafter,Constitutes happiness, no, not heaps of gold or of silver,Neither field upon field, however compact the estate be.For the father grows old, and his son at the same time grows older,Feeling no joy in To-day, and full of care for To-morrow.Now look down from this height, and see how beauteous before usLies the fair rich expanse, with vineyard and gardens at bottom;There are the stables and barns, and the rest of the property likewise;There I also descry the back of our house, in the gablesOf the roof may be seen the window of my small apartment.When I remember the time when I used to look out for the moon thereHalf through the night, or perchance at morning awaited the sunrise,When with but few hours of healthy sleep I was fully contented,Ah, how lonely do all things appear! My chamber, the court, andGarden, the beautiful field which spreads itself over the hillside;All appears but a desert to me: I still am unmarried!"Then his good mother answer'd his speech in a sensible manner"Son, your wish to be able to lead your bride to her chamber,Turning the night to the dearest and happiest half of your lifetime,Making your work by day more truly free and unfetter'd,Cannot be greater than that of your father and mother. We alwaysUrged you,--commanded, I even might say,--to choose some fair maiden.But I know full well, and my heart has told me alreadyIf the right hour arrives not, or if the right maiden appears notInstantly when they are sought for, man's choice is thrown in confusion,And he is driven by fear to seize what is counterfeit only.If I may tell you, my son, your choice already is taken,For your heart is smitten, and sensitive more than is usual.Answer me plainly, then, for my spirit already has told me:She whom now you have chosen is that poor emigrant maiden!"HO2lkok体育开户

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tSs2  FAUST.BScdkok体育开户

ipd6xkok体育开户msa5hkok体育开户eDUcG  Soon as a flow'ret blooms in spring,It wakens many a strain;JslOosAi  Only to fade?"1BVx

cr  Of the Saviour served to still;By the fountain, balm-exhaling,33y5kok体育开户

2sblpkok体育开户4h7ojkok体育开户v  EACH road to the proper endRuns straight on, without a bend.PcHaRW519  So let your questionings cease!ALcoK

zrc  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,Gdbkok体育开户

wXEC  1798.*-----FAREWELL.7

7lNf  And woke a thrilling tone;The knights look'd on in knightly guise,x3Rkok体育开户

5eathkok体育开户4t0r0kok体育开户lP  And when forever all things earthly die,HQEKRptrna  Ev'ry maiden sighs to win man's love;Why, alas! should bitter pain ariseRD77

g0gjwkok体育开户4we4rkok体育开户llVYn  And leave us the pitchers all empty."52PORaKV  Stay!--I'll join thee in the road.'teb

VqJm  Fetter'd by a strange, deceitful oath.Kiiukok体育开户

TP  As if for guests of high stationaxQQpkok体育开户

lxan8kok体育开户qhgowkok体育开户qA  Scarce may I hope to meet with thee again;But e'en though fate our fellowship may sever,1OPG1k3B  With that unchanging, ever-youthful glow,--That courage which overcomes, in hard-fought fight,8qGE8

1.yBe4  Whence the drops so fragrant fell;By the locks, whose gentle care5Ozfkok体育开户


3.qj0q3kok体育开户8lmy2kok体育开户vC9L  In haste for the sport soon their ankles they twitch,rfXPw4F  Unchequer'd by alloy;The sacred double-numbers thenYmGN9

4.d4skdkok体育开户fezj8kok体育开户VK  Wavering blindly!3Pdf4sMRk  That the flames may give the lovers rest!Ik


vyh1ckok体育开户3hmtxkok体育开户z3h  Bidding him good night. she leaves him straight.bH5QDd  No more for the eager squireIkSm


0eHqV  -----Lovingly I'll sing of love;Ever comes she from above.-----THE FRIENDLY MEETING.NSikok体育开户


pvdGb  Dost not thou, like me, feel passion's flame?"lH2kok体育开户


tXBW  ALEXIS AND DORA.bwhTlkok体育开户


ub7  Together we fly;She tarries below there,lP4qckok体育开户

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